activities for kids with adhd

23 Fun Activities for Kids with ADHD to Build Confidence and Skills

Keeping up with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) kids can feel like trying to tame a boundless ball of sunshine. Their constant movement and seemingly endless stream of ideas can be both charming and, at times, overwhelming. But guess what? That can be an awesome thing! 

Kids with ADHD are full of energy and ideas. Sometimes, it feels like their brain works at double speed. So, I’ve discovered that there are tons of activities for ADHD kids that can help them channel their energy, build confidence, and learn some cool skills along the way. Let’s dive in and discover what makes them tick!

Physical Activities

Lots of kids with ADHD have a built-in “go, go, go” setting that can be overwhelming for parents. But hey, that energy can be amazing! In my experience, these physical activities ideas below will help kids improve focus, burn excess energy, unleash their inner athlete!

1. Martial arts

Martial arts
Martial arts

ADHD kids have excessive energy that causes them to tend to hit themselves or others. So, martial arts like ‘Karate’ would be a perfect fit to channel their energy. Plus, martial arts provide structure, discipline, and focus through consistent practice. Let them learn different moves under professional supervision!

2. Swimming

activities for kids with adhd

I highly recommend that ADHD kids learn to swim. Not only coordinating the whole body, swimming can improve focus and reduce hyperactivity of ADHD kids! Based on my experience, this physical activity gives a therapeutic and calming effect to my ADHD kids. Don’t forget to use swimming equipment for safety.

3. Athletics


One of the best physical activities for kids with ADHD to boost confidence is athletics like running and jumping. With these exercises, you can help them release energy, improve cognitive and increase their endorphin hormone. Bring them to athletic events, or running track. Let them enjoy the outdoors and express themselves!

4. Dance

activities for kids with adhd

I find that dancing can be an effective therapy for ADHD kids in a fun way! They will learn rhythmic movement and self-expression that can train their focus and coordination. My ADHD kids really love dancing training, especially ballet! They seemed less attentive at first, but eventually regular training helped them focus. So, be patient!

5. Biking


When it comes to finding physical activities for ADHD kids that can be done with parents, biking would be perfect!  I often bike with my ADHD kids in the morning to maintain their happy hormones and mood. At first, I take them to a flat road around the neighborhood at a slow speed. Try this activity with your kids too! It’s fun, healthy, and stress-free! 

6. Hiking or Backpacking

activities for kids with adhd
Hiking or Backpacking

I understand that this may be too tiring for kids. Well, hiking or backpacking will be so much fun for ADHD kids if you know the tricks! The key is to always let them have a little break when they start to get tired and lose focus. Plus, find kids-friendly national parks in the US for hiking to have fun. Mini games while hiking are also recommended to try!

7. Gymnastics


My ADHD kids love to perform, otherwise they become fidgety that can lower their self-esteem. If you have a similar case, then bring your kids to the gymnastics academy, where they can learn from professionals. Gymnastics will train them patience, body awareness, and social skills. Therefore, they eventually will develop a better self-image.

8. Tennis

activities for kids with adhd

Choosing the right sports for ADHD kids may be tricky. Since not all sports are suitable for ADHD kids, I suggest you choose individual sports. Sports with balls like tennis would be perfect for ADHD to play. You can book an hour-long tennis training session with a coach. This physical activity can enhance concentration and coordination for ADHD kids.

9. Yoga


At first glance, this slow movement and breathing activity may not be suitable for ADHD kids. But, it actually had an impact on my children! I’ve read that this physical activity is all about building a new habit. By doing yoga regularly, kids can increase focus and reduce hyperactivity.

Nature and Outdoor Exploration Activities

If your ADHD kids crave adventure, the great outdoors is your ultimate playground! Therefore, I’ve compiled several fun tasks to do in nature for the kids. Here are top activities for kids with ADHD you can try:

10. Scavenger hunt

activities for kids with adhd
Source: Instagram (@stayathomeactivitymom)

Scavenger hunt would be a fun mini game you can do with the ADHD kids outdoors. You can bring them to the park or playground for this game. As they have a lot of energy, they will surely be excited to explore the park or playground. Don’t forget to give them a little reward when they solve the challenge to build their confidence and self esteem.

11. Nature Walks

Nature Walks
Nature Walks

A fresh and clean air is recommended for the ADHD kids’ health. Therefore, I really love to take my kids to walk in the forest or park. I’ve found that during nature walk, brains release neurotransmitters such as dopamine and endorphins. These hormones can reduce stress and hyperactivity in ADHD kids. Walking in the morning is recommended!

12. Scouts

activities for kids with adhd

Playing outdoors freely is fun, but your ADHD kids should follow an engaging and well prepared activity. So, scouts can be an ideal option to try. Scouts can train ADHD kids’ discipline, focus, confidence and social skills. I highly recommend inclusive scouts activity, so they can interact socially with various groups.

Creative and Artistic Pursuits Activities

Kids with ADHD tend to have a wild imagination and thoughts that jump like a hyperactive paintbrush. Do your gifted kids feel brimming with creative energy too? If so, let’s take a look at my activity recommendation to express their creativity and art skill!

13. Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts

Did you know that there are many famous artists with ADHD? Instead of feeling small, they use their ADHD condition to produce a masterpiece. So, activities like painting or crafting are recommended for ADHD kids to do from an early age. You can start from teaching them making handprint craft or abstract painting. It will be super fun!

14. Baking

activities for kids with adhd

When your ADHD kids feel bored, you can ask them to help with baking! I suggest you make low gluten and sugar free cookies with them. Let them enjoy simple tasks such as mixing or pouring ingredients. It will train their focus and attention, through a fun activity! Later, they can enjoy the cookies as a reward after doing a great job.

15. Story-based Games

Story-based Games
Story-based Games

I’ve discovered that ADHD kids often have difficulties in expressing their thoughts. Therefore, I asked the kids to play story-based games to improve their speaking skill. And it works! You can try this activity by starting with “Once upon a time…”, let your child make up and act out the story. It’s a simple but rewarding experience.

Cognitive and Learning Games Activities

In this section, I will explain about a world of exciting cognitive games and learning activities! I guarantee these activities will keep your ADHD kids engaged and discover the joy of learning in a whole new way!

16. Bubble Wrap Fun

activities for kids with adhd
Bubble Wrap Fun

Have you ever wondered about making a fun game from bubble wrap challenges for ADHD kids? I’ve tried this activity with the kids and they have a lot of fun! All you have to do is create a “runway” that your child can walk on. Write alphabets or letters on the bubbles, and ask them to pop all of them. See how fast they could complete the mission!

17. Card Games

Card Games
Card Games

Can kids with ADHD play card games or board games? Yes! There are many card games that are specially designed for ADHD kids, such as UNO Junior and Outfoxed. With these games, kids can learn about numbers, combinations, and more! If you want to try card games, playing with many members is recommended!

18. Play Memory and Concentration Games

activities for kids with adhd
Play Memory and Concentration Games

Memory and concentration games could be a treatment for ADHD symptoms. So, I recommend teaching the ADHD kids with these games. With memory and concentration games, they can boost memory and build attention. I suggest the kids play these games with parents and siblings, so they will feel involved and cared for in the family. 

19. Play the Coin Game

Play the Coin Game
Play the Coin Game

Similar to the memory game, but this activity is way easier and cheaper! In my view, parents will surely love it because all they need for this activity is just coins! Choose five of different coins and put them into a sequence. Then, cover the coins and then ask them to make the same pattern using the other coins during some time limit. Easy, right?

Sensory and Relaxation Activities

Many ADHD kids have extra-sensitive senses, making the world feel overwhelming at times. I hope these activities for kids with ADHD can help them to relax and engage senses!

20. Sensory Activities

activities for kids with adhd
Sensory Activities

Sensory activities may give a relaxed feel and reduce fidgety. So, sensory activities like playing with elastic things and eating chewy snacks are suitable for kids with ADHD. When my kids start to be hyperactive, playing with bouncing balls or eating chewy gums are an effective way to reduce stress. It’s a simple strategy you can do with the kids!

21. Mindfulness Activities

activities for kids with adhd
Mindfulness Activities

Build a settled, calm habit through mindfulness activities for the kids. Start by mindful activities such as touching the doorknob before leaving the house. Or, let them feel the surface of the things around them with their hands. Don’t forget to take a deep breath to settle your brain before doing something. It looks simple but is definitely effective!   

Social and Community Activities

While social situations can sometimes feel tricky for ADHD kids, there’s a whole world of fun and connection waiting to be explored. Let’s discover awesome ways to connect with others and build social skills with these activities below.

22. Working with Animals

activities for kids with adhd
Working with Animals

Having pets like dogs at home is fun and exciting for kids with ADHD. I found that interacting with dogs can increase the kids’ interest and attention. So, you can give the kids a simple task to do with the dogs. Ask the kids to pat the dogs’ head or feed them. The kids and dogs bonding and friendship will give a positive impact for ADHD therapy. 

23. Interactive Storytelling

activities for kids with adhd
Interactive Storytelling

My ADHD kids love to join the storytelling club in the ADHD community. They can express their imagination, listen to fascinating stories from the teacher, and interact with friends. After that, they tend to be calmer and brighter than before. So, having an hour of interactive storytelling time regularly can be a positive activity you should try to the kids!

Final Thought

So there you have it! Engaging in a variety of activities can greatly benefit kids with ADHD. I believe those activities above become outlets for energy release, improving focus, enhancing skills, and fostering self-confidence in a supportive environment. So, I hope some activities above will be your ADHD kids’ favorites to build confidence and skills!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are some tips for choosing the right activities for a child with ADHD?

When selecting activities for a child with ADHD, prioritize those that offer structure, engagement, and opportunities for movement. Look for activities that align with the child’s interests and strengths while accommodating their need for stimulation and variety.

How can creative activities benefit kids with ADHD?

Engaging in creative activities can benefit kids with ADHD by providing an outlet for self-expression and channeling their energy into productive tasks. These activities stimulate their imagination, allowing them to explore new ideas and perspectives, which can enhance problem-solving skills and boost self-esteem. 

Can team sports help children with ADHD develop social skills?

Yes, team sports can help children with ADHD develop social skills by providing opportunities for collaboration, communication, and teamwork with peers. Engaging in group activities fosters the development of empathy, cooperation, and effective communication, which are essential social skills. 

What are some effective indoor activities for kids with ADHD?

Some effective indoor activities for kids with ADHD include arts and crafts projects, board games that require focus and strategy, and building activities such as LEGO or puzzles. These activities provide opportunities for creativity, concentration, and problem-solving in a structured indoor environment, helping to channel the child’s energy positively.

How can parents and caregivers incorporate routine into activities for kids with ADHD?

Parents and caregivers can incorporate routine into activities for kids with ADHD by establishing consistent schedules for daily tasks, such as meals, homework, and playtime. They can also use visual reminders, like charts or checklists, to help the child stay on track and understand expectations.