Rivan Tungadi

One-Minute Relaxer: Icicle/Puddle Game

One minute relaxers are relaxation techniques that can be completed in one minute or less. If you like, spending some time playing games on sites such as is a great stress-reliever and it can promote relaxation. During busy times it is even more important than usual that relaxation techniques be easy to implement, quick …

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Brain Train

Helping kids with executive functioning challenges can take one part instruction, one part practice, one part mindfulness and  one part patience.  For the instruction part, I have created fun visual aids to support kids with their learning and understanding of how their brains work. Within the school I work, every grade is using the In-Focus …

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Relaxing With Otters

Relaxing With Otters As I was walking down the hallway in my school today, I encountered the MOST precious sight.  The kindergarten class had just finished art and was parading their otter artwork back to class.  Apparently they had watched the YouTube video on the book Do Unto Otters by Laurie Keller ( https://youtu.be/AKzM3CZoWqY ).   I …

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Labyrinth: A Journey into Relaxation

Labyrinth: A Journey into Relaxation

Walking the Path This past summer I had the opportunity to visit the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth to walk it for the third time. Giant in size, it is a walk of heart. In fact, the first time I set foot on it, I was unexplainably moved to tears. Labyrinths have long since been used as …

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Forest of Calm

It’s back to school time and the perfect time to practice relaxation techniques with your kids!  Recently, the first graders and I created a “Forest of Calm” through the Vrksasana yoga pose, or “tree pose.” All of the kids gathered together to assume the tree poses and linked arms to create our forest. Your Forest …

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Parenting for a Peaceful Home

Parenting for a Peaceful Home

I am excited to share with you an exciting online parenting event! This event brings together 20+ authors, teachers, healers, therapists, and parenting specialists (including me!) in holistic health, wealth consciousness, peaceful parenting techniques, creating healthy work/life balance, practical spirituality, and personal transformation to give you our very best tips on how to come back …

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Tea Time for Kids: An Infusion of Calm

Tea Time is a perfect mindfulness activity for kids.  Even in the school setting, we will occasionally set out the placemats, and tea cups and spend some relaxing moments in connection and mindful sensory perception.  Kids love it!  Both the boys and girls. Every Moment Counts I utilize every moment for mindfulness from the making …

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