activities for kids in summer

Top 20 Engaging Activities for Kids in Summer to Beat the Heat!

Kids in Summer to Beat the Heat!
Kids in Summer to Beat the Heat!

Looking for fun activities for kids to do in the summer? Here are some! As a parent, I’ve discovered that the key to a successful season is a mix of creativity and spontaneity. The options are limitless! Remember, the goal is not just to pass the time but to make summer a season of treasured memories! 

Outdoors Adventures

The best way to spend the warm summer is to have outdoor adventures with your little ones. Let’s break trails and enjoy the vibrant scenery under the blue sky!

1. Schedule Weekly Bike Rides

Schedule Weekly Bike Rides
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Setting up weekly bike rides is a genius move, if I do say so myself. The kids get the exercise and have fun in one go! Look for places that are flat enough for small legs. Perhaps there’s a trail that winds past a river or wood? Make it exciting with ice cream pit stops, for example! 

2. Have a Picnic

activities for kids in summer
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If my experience as a parent has taught me anything, it’s that kids love the simple joy of a summer picnic! You want a spot with a mix of sunshine and shade! Choose somewhere with a view, like by a lake or in a lush local park. The beach is also the perfect option! Bring some sandwiches and homemade cookies! 

3. Fly a Kite

Fly a Kite
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On a breezy summer day, I always suggest a kite-flying adventure with the kiddos! It’s not only a blast, but it’s also a sneaky way to teach them aerodynamics. I suggest looking for a big open field without those pesky trees. A beach or an open park is also a good option but watch out for power lines!

4. Go Fishing

activities for kids in summer
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Fishing with kids is less about catching the biggest salmon and more about the splash! Even just a tiny minnow will be a lot of fun! When picking a kid-friendly fishing spot, I aim for places like local ponds or calm lakes for easy catches. And hey, if we don’t catch dinner, we’ll at least catch some memories!

5. Go Berry Picking

Go Berry Picking
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I’ve found that taking kids to berry picking is a delightful way to enjoy summer! Nothing beats the kids’ laughter as they find juicy berries to pluck. Whether it’s strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries, they’re all good! Afterward, use the berries to make pies, smoothies, or just a big, fresh bowl! After all, taste-testing is part of the fun!

6. Check Out the Local County Fair

activities for kids in summer
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When summer rolls around, I always find myself looking forward to introducing my kids to the local fairs. This kind of festival always brings tons of entertainment and delicious food. Fairs offer beyond the thrilling rides. From live music to cakes, the county fair is an excellent venue for kids to enjoy the localities! My pro tip: wear comfortable shoes!

Creative and Educational Activities

Just because your kids have school off in the summer, doesn’t mean that they can’t learn and be creative! Here are enjoyable summer activities to stimulate their development!

7. DIY Sidewalk Chalk Murals

DIY Sidewalk Chalk Murals
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Creating sidewalk chalk murals is one of my favorite summer activities to do with the kids! It’s a blend of imaginative play and artistry that turns the driveway into a canvas. First, gather a bucket of chalk with all its vibrant shades, then start scribbling! They can materialize their wildest ideas like a castle or an ocean teeming with fish! 

8. Make Playdough Creations

activities for kids in summer
Source: Instagram (@playtime_with_billie)

There’s nothing quite like playing with the squishy playdough in the summer! It’s a perfect chance for your kiddos to squeeze, roll, and sculpt to their heart’s content. Let them freely hone those fine motor skills with a side of giggles. Spicy it up with cookie cutters, so kids can make all kinds of shapes. Let their imagination run wild!

9. Collect Rocks and Paint Them

Collect Rocks and Paint Them
Source: Instagram (@panda_mom_rockpainting)

Gathering rocks is like a treasure hunt for the little ones! The smoother the stones, the better they are for painting. Set up a painting station outdoors and hand out brushes and eco-friendly paints! Painting rocks can be as simple as making bright polka dots or as detailed as painting little insects or animals. It’s all about having fun!

10. Grow a Garden

activities for kids in summer
Source: Instagram (@rachelghirarda)

I’ve discovered that gardening is a fantastic way to teach kids responsibility all while having a heap of fun! Starting a garden can involve anything from planting your kids’ favorite flowers to growing vegetables they can later enjoy eating. I always start by choosing seeds that are exciting to my kids. For example, planting sunflowers, which reach for the skies!

11. Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders
Source: Instagram (@bringingupbabe)

Making bird feeders is a fabulous activity that ticks all the boxes for summer fun! It’s creative and eco-friendly, and it invites local wildlife into your yard. My kids’ personal favorite? The DIY toilet paper roll bird feeder! You just coat the roll in peanut butter, roll it in birdseed, thread some twine through, and it’s ready to hang. 

12. Build a Fort

activities for kids in summer
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For kids, summer equals a fort-building escapade! My experience has taught me that you don’t need an expert level in carpentry or a hefty wallet to create some castle. Grab some cardboard boxes from around the house! They’re perfect for constructing that “no grown-ups allowed” castle. Kids get to be architects with tape, markers, and their vivid imaginations!

Backyard Fun

You don’t need to go to fancy places to enjoy the season. With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your back garden into an amusement spot. Here are some backyard activities for kids to try in the summer!

13. Backyard Camping

Backyard Camping
Source: Instagram (@amnthewilderness)

I find that backyard camping is a fantastic way to introduce little ones to the joys of the outdoors without straying far from home comforts! Make sure that you select a flat spot. Of course, building a small stone fire pit is a must! Sing campfire songs and tell scary stories for a thrilling camping experience. Enjoy some marshmallow fluff!

14. Play in the Sprinklers

activities for kids in summer
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I’ve found that one of the best ways to beat the summer heat and keep kids laughing for hours is with a good old-fashioned sprinkler! It’s simple: hook up your sprinkler to the garden hose, and let the water games begin! With a little creativity, your backyard can turn into an oasis. I also like to set up water obstacles. 

15. Have a Water Balloon Dodgeball Game

Have a Water Balloon Dodgeball Game
Have a Water Balloon Dodgeball Gam

In summer, there’s no better way to add excitement to kids’ playtime than with a game of water balloon dodgeball! Imagine two teams, each armed with their colorful watery ammo, ready for a splash-tactic showdown! Make sure that each child gets a stash of water balloons, enough to last a few rounds. Dodge the balloons or get wet! 

16. Backyard Obstacle Course

activities for kids in summer
Backyard Obstacle Course

Creating a backyard obstacle course is one of my favorite ways to keep the kids active during summer. I often start with a simple set-up using items I have around the house. A few hula hoops laid on the ground can become a quick hopscotch challenge! Meanwhile, a sturdy plank of wood becomes a precarious path they need to traverse! 

17. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts
Source: Instagram (@stayathomeactivitymom)

As a seasoned parenting pro, I’ve got to say that scavenger hunts are my secret weapon for those long summer days! Kick off the hunt with a list of summer-themed items to find! Maybe it’s a feather, a four-leaf clover, or a black pebble. To keep things spicy, sometimes I’ll hide clues around the yard, ending with a small reward. 

17. Hands-on Activities

Let your kid enjoy fun hands-on activities and try new experiences! Asking them to directly participate in unique projects is the best way to keep boredom away!

18. Make Homemade Ice Cream

activities for kids in summer
Source: Instagram (@bykettelyn)

Making ice cream with your kids is a delightful way to cool down during those hot summer days. I find it’s a fantastic activity that mixes science with a ton of fun! It’s super easy and doesn’t require any fancy equipment. Start with a simple base of cream and sugar, then let the little ones choose their favorite mix-ins! 

19. Climbing

activities for kids in summer
Source: Instagram (@thewallclimbinggym)

When summer rolls around, I find hitting a kids-friendly climbing spot a fun way to engage with your kiddos! It’s physically challenging and mentally stimulating. Kids just seem to light up when they’re scaling walls and reaching new heights, literally! Their confidence skyrockets with each successful climb. For toddlers, places with foam blocks are a huge hit!

20. Play Balloon Tennis

activities for kids in summer
Play Balloon Tennis

In my many years of keeping kids entertained throughout summer holidays, I’ve stumbled upon a gem that I have to share: balloon tennis! It’s tennis played with balloons and makeshift rackets, usually paper plates attached to sticks! The best part? It’s a breeze to set up, and absolutely everyone can play, regardless of their age or skill level.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I entertain my kids all summer?

Take them on outdoor adventures like hiking, picnics, and visits to local parks to enjoy nature, and plan fun indoor activities such as arts and crafts projects, baking sessions, and movie marathons on rainy days.

What can you do at home when you’re bored in the summer?

Doing DIY projects with the kids is actually the best way to keep yourself from feeling bored! You can also take your children to interesting places to explore. Doing unusual activities like camping in the backyard will be a good way to break free from a boring routine.

How do I keep my 7-year-old busy at home in the summer?

Set up a variety of engaging activities like arts and crafts projects, scavenger hunts, and simple science experiments to keep your 7-year-old entertained. Consider creating a daily schedule with a mix of indoor and outdoor playtime and reading sessions!

How do I keep my 12-year-old busy this summer?

A 12-year-old kid will prefer more challenging outdoor activities like fishing for salmon or having a long bicycle ride through some beautiful scenic route. You can also introduce them to rock climbing! 

How do I keep my 10-year-old busy in the summer?

Engage your 10-year-old in a variety of activities such as sports, arts and crafts, and outdoor adventures to keep them entertained and active during the summer months. Encourage exploration of their interests through books, DIY projects, and family outings, fostering both fun and learning experiences.