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30 Must-Visit Kids’ Places in New Jersey Worth Exploring!

Do you need adventure ideas for your upcoming trip to New Jersey? If you are going to visit with your kids, you’ll need to make your itinerary ahead carefully. After all, traveling with children can be a bit tricky because they get bored easily. Fortunately, here, we’ve put together a fantastic guide for you with 30 must-visit kids’ places in New Jersey that guarantee non-stop fun for your little ones!

New Jersey is an exciting city that offers interesting places for kids to explore. In our list, we’ve included mind-blowing virtual reality experiences, heart-pumping amusement parks, and indoor and outdoor play centers, to name a few. We also included free things to do if you are on a budget and tons of other kid-friendly destinations.

For full recommendations of the best kids’ places in New Jersey, check our list below!

1. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

Jenkinson's Boardwalk
Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

One of the best kid’s places in New Jersey is Point Pleasant Beach. There you’ll find the famous one-mile-long Jenkonson’s Boardwalk area. We’re talking thrilling rides like roller coasters, fun mini golf courses, arcades, and yummy treats! Your little ones will love the lively atmosphere, sandy beaches, and vibrant carnival vibe. The attractions may have individual fees, but they are very affordable!

2. Liberty Science Center 

kids places in new jersey
Liberty Science Center

In Jersey City, you can take your kids on an educational visit to the Liberty Science Center! You won’t believe the cool stuff you’ll discover here! From virtual reality adventures, a planetarium to mind-blowing exhibits, it’s an interactive science wonderland that even kids will enjoy. Admission fees apply, but trust we believe that it’s worth every penny!

3. iPlay America

iPlay America
iPlay America

Looking for an indoor attraction in New Jersey for your little adventures? Try iPlay America! Rain or shine, this playground has it all. Boasting as the largest indoor amusement park in NJ, this place definitely has tons to offer! Your kids can play arcade games, race go-karts, and win awesome prizes. The attractions will surely spur their playful spirit!

4. Adventure Aquarium

kids places in new jersey
Adventure Aquarium

Now if you happen to stay in Camden, New Jersey, with your kids, you may want to try the Adventure Aquarium! Step inside and be ready to dive into a magical underwater world! We’ll meet sharks, penguins, and mesmerizing sea creatures. Not only providing thrilling exhibitions, this place also offers educational value. Admission fees are there, but your young ones will be swimming in joy!

5. Diggerland USA 

Diggerland USA
Diggerland USA

You don’t have to go all the way to Germany to visit West Berlin because we have one, too, in New Jersey! Here, you can find Diggerland USA, a construction theme park that will appeal to kids aged 4-14! They can interact and even ride actual construction equipment! Yes, you heard it right. They’ll get to operate diggers and bulldozers like real pros.

6. Six Flags Great Adventure

kids places in new jersey
Six Flags Great Adventure

Take your kids for heart-pounding roller coasters and thrilling rides in Six Flags! This place offers world-class tracks, including the El Toro, the wooden roller coaster. There are also various other exciting attractions, from the tame ones suitable for kids to the extreme rides that parents can also try! Scream with your kids, laugh, and have the best time ever!

7. Grounds For Sculpture

Grounds For Sculpture
Grounds For Sculpture

Art also comes alive here in New Jersey! If you happen to be in the vicinity of Hamilton with your kids, you should check out Grounds for Sculpture. You can wander through a beautiful park surrounded by enchanting sculptures. It’s like stepping into a fairytale wonderland with pristine gardens. There are plenty to see and a lot of space for children to run around!

8. Liberty Landing Marina 

kids places in new jersey
Liberty Landing Marina

As a parent, it is your duty to introduce your kids to the most iconic American landmarks, and you have that opportunity here in New Jersey! Hop on a ferry, and we’re off to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island! Prepare for an educational and historical adventure. The ferry ride on the Hudson River itself offers stunning views of the New York skyline. The fare is very cheap, just under $10 per person, and even cheaper for children.

9. Turtle Back Zoo

Turtle Back Zoo
Turtle Back Zoo

Lions, giraffes, jaguars, and bears – oh my! Bring your kids to see exotic wild animals from around the world at the Turtle Back Zoo, New Jersey. It offers a delightful playground for the little ones too. 

10. Storybook Land 

kids places in new jersey
Storybook Land

Fairy tales come alive at this charming children’s theme park! Your kids can meet their favorite characters from bedtime stories and enjoy thematic rides that bring storybooks to life. It’s a lighthearted experience for the whole family.

11. Van Saun County Park

Van Saun County Park
Van Saun County Park

A perfect family day awaits at this park in Paramus, New Jersey! It offers playgrounds, a splash pad to cool off, amusing rides, and space for picnics. There is also a zoo in the area. There are also occasional education demonstrations held in the park. Best part? Entry to the park is free in!

12. Imagine That Museum In Florham Park, NJ

kids places in new jersey
Imagine That Museum In Florham Park, NJ

Here is one of the most homely kids’ place in New Jersey that offer playtime heaven! With imaginative play areas, science exhibits, and arts and crafts, your young ones will have fun exploring this children’s museum. You can also book the place to celebrate your kids’ birthday here!

13. Cape May County Park & Zoo

Cape May County Park & Zoo
Cape May County Park & Zoo

One of the best free things to do in New Jersey is to visit the Cape May Country Zoo. Yup, there is no fee to see the exotic animals! You kids can observe the mighty African lions, alpacas, cheetahs, and more! You can also take them to the reptile house to see snakes. Plus, there are picnic areas for a lovely family lunch!

14. Battleship New Jersey Museum & Memorial

kids places in new jersey
Battleship New Jersey Museum & Memorial

If you happen to visit Camden, it’s a good opportunity to teach your kids about history! Take them to the Battleship New Jersey Museum! Your boys and girls will have the chance to board a real battleship and learn about its fascinating past. It’s like stepping back in time! Seeing the big guns and the ship parts will make their day. One of the most fascinating kids’ places in New Jersey that you shouldn’t miss!

15. The Funplex

The Funplex
The Funplex

Now if you just want to have pure fun with your kids, the Funplex is worth a visit! Prepare for endless fun indoors and outdoors! Take them to ride go-karts, play arcade games, and splash in the water park. There are also bowling alleys! It’s a blast for everyone, young and old!

16. Adventure Mini Golf in New Jersey

kids places in new jersey
Adventure Mini Golf in New Jersey

New Jersey has a massive selection when it comes to family-friendly mini golf courses! Your kids will have an absolute blast trying out the different mini-golf places, from Monster Mini Golf in Paramus to Pleasant Valley in Township; they all have unique courses. It’s challenging, exciting, and loads of fun. The whole family can compete!

17. The Land of Make Believe 

The Land of Make Believe
The Land of Make Believe

Now if your kids are younger than 13 years old, they may want to enjoy a tamer amusement park. And so, we recommend The Land of Make Believe in Hope, NJ! Imagination runs wild here! With water slides, rides, and entertainment, it’s a land of laughter and adventure. Check their website for special offers.

18. Jenkinson’s Aquarium 

kids places in new jersey
Jenkinson’s Aquarium

We mentioned Jenkinson’s boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach earlier. There you can also find an amazing aquarium where your kids can observe fascinating marine life! They can also meet adorable penguins, mesmerizing jellyfish, and colorful fish. The entrance fee helps care for the animals.

19. KidStreet Playground 

KidStreet Playground
KidStreet Playground

The ultimate classic playground paradise that allows you and your kids to have a leisurely picnic! They can climb wooden structures, slide, and swing till their hearts are content. Best part? It’s free, and we can pack our own snacks! KidStreet Playground is a must-visit if you ever take your kids to New Jersey!

20. High Point State Park

kids places in new jersey
High Point State Park

Time for another free place that you can visit in New Jersey where kids can admire nature’s beauty! Here, you can take them hike to the highest point in New Jersey, the High Point State Park! They will be able to observe stunning views of three states from this point. 

21. Indoor Trampoline Parks

Indoor Trampoline Parks
Indoor Trampoline Parks

Now if you are looking for indoor fun for your kids in NJ, you should consider visiting the trampoline parks! After all, who can resist the thrill of bouncing high? They’ll love the exhilarating experience at various indoor trampoline parks around the state. There are at least two notable options, the Urban Air and Sky Zone! Pick whichever is the closest and most fun for you!

22. Sterling Hill Mining Museum

kids places in new jersey
Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Let’s take your kids to explore an underground zinc mine in Ogdensburg, New Jersey! With unique colored rocks, interactive mining demonstrations, and tours, it’s an exciting and educational place to visit with your children. There is an admission fee ranging from $11 to $14, but it’s not every day that you can visit an underground mine!

23. Princeton University Art Museum 

Princeton University Art Museum
Princeton University Art Museum

If you are in New Jersey with your kids, you have to take them to the state’s center of culture! At Princeton University Art Museum, children can have an artsy adventure that will stimulate their creativity! We guarantee that your kids will discover new inspirations from captivating artworks from various cultures. Admission is free, so you can’t beat that!

24. Atlantic City Boardwalk

kids places in new jersey
Atlantic City Boardwalk

Now we do not condone gambling. Fortunately, the Atlantic City boardwalk offers so much more than that, making it a suitable place for kids to hang out! Playground, resort, arcade, and Ferris wheel with breathtaking views await! It’s the perfect combo of water fun and thrilling rides. There is also Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Waterpark at Seaside Height with similar vibes.

25. Rizzo’s Wildlife World 

kids places in new jersey
Rizzo’s Wildlife World

Your kids can’t get enough of visiting zoos! And so, here is another excellent one that you should check out in New Jersey! Get ready to meet incredible animals up close! From adorable reptiles like turtles to snakes, children will have a hands-on experience like no other. 

26. Lakota Wolf Preserve 

kids places in new jersey
Lakota Wolf Preserve

Here is one of the most suitable places for your boys and girls to visit in New Jersey! They are about to howl with excitement because, here, they can get up close with big wolves! Your family can observe majestic wolves and learn about their role in the food chain. It’s a unique and memorable wildlife encounter. All the entry fees go into wolf conservation, so it’s worth the money!

27. Insectropolis

kids places in new jersey

This place is definitely the most unique one on this list! Here, you can take your kids to explore the fascinating world of insects! The Insectropolis Museum offers intriguing exhibits and interactive displays where your kids can learn all about insects. It’s undoubtedly an enthralling adventure for curious minds because kids are always fascinated by tiny insects.

28. Field Station Dinosaurs Theme Park

kids places in new jersey
Field Station Dinosaurs Theme Park

Step back to the time of dinosaurs! Here, your kids will encounter life-sized animatronic dinosaurs in exciting prehistoric poses placed outdoors. It’s an educational, thrilling experience, and there are Boys’ and Girls’ Scout events, too, here. This park is definitely worth the visit if your young ones love the ancient giant lizards!

29. Liberty State Park

kids places in new jersey
Liberty State Park

Your visit to New Jersey would not be complete if you did not take your kids to this park! Located at the same stretch as the Mariana, breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and the NYC skyline await at this scenic area. It’s a perfect spot for picnics, biking, and enjoying the green view. You can come and go freely without needing to pay!

30. Asbury Park Boardwalk

kids places in new jersey
Asbury Park Boardwalk

Another notable boardwalk that you should visit with your little ones while in New Jersey is Asbury! A mix of coolness and charming vibes, this boardwalk offers funky shops, art galleries, and the legendary Stone Pony venue. It’s the best place for music-loving families to hang out!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can confidently say that New Jersey is packed with exciting destinations for kids. There is no shortage of places where your young ones will find an epic adventure in this place! 

From thrilling amusement parks and interactive museums to captivating wildlife encounters and beautiful parks, there are always fun activities waiting for you in the Garden State.  So, if you are looking for kids’ places in New Jersey, now you’ll know where to look for!

Questions and Answers

What places are New Jersey known for?

The Atlantic City Casinos is definitely one of the most popular destinations in New Jersey. It’s also the best place to see the New York Skyline. New Jersey has beautiful beaches and other attractions that kids will find interesting.

Why do tourists visit New Jersey?

Tourists visit New Jersey for its pristine beaches along the Jersey Shore. There they can find excitement from  Atlantic City’s casinos and entertainment, historic landmarks, and vibrant culture! Its proximity to New York also makes this area very popular.

What food is famous in New Jersey?

To name a few: pork roll sandwiches, Italian hotdogs, Sloppy Joe, and of course, the salt water taffy!

Is New Jersey a happy place to live?

Yes definitely! There are plenty of places to visit, and it has excellent infrastructure. However, just like many other busy areas, it has a higher cost of living and congestion. In the end, the answer will be subjective, and if you have the opportunity, we encourage you to try!

What is New Jersey style?

New Jersey style usually refers to the state’s unique culinary style. The area has distinctive pizza, hotdogs, sandwiches, and diner places!