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22 Fun Activities for Kids at Home: Ideas to Chase Boredom Away

Coming up with activities for kids to do at home can be quite a challenge! Imagine the horror of being stuck with the little ones all day inside with nothing to do. As a seasoned parent, I’ve discovered plenty of ideas to keep them occupied. It’s all about turning the living room into an indoor playground where kids can laugh, learn, and grow!

Adventure and Exploration

Being stuck indoors does not mean you can have a thrilling adventure and exploration with your kids! Here’s how you turn your home into a fun place!

1. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Go on a Scavenger Hunt
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I often recommend a scavenger hunt to spice up indoor days. Grab a piece of paper, jot down items or themes, and send the kids on a playful quest. Items can vary from everyday objects to something as whimsical as something that makes you smile. Throw in riddles and puzzles that lead to the next item to spice it up!

2. Bug Hunt

activities for kids at home
Bug Hunt

I always find that a Bug Hunt is an adventure just waiting to happen right in the backyard! With a simple magnifying glass and a homemade bug scavenger hunt list, the kids will get so excited to spot a Ladybug and track a Caterpillar. It’s an instant safari, requiring only keen eyes and a bit of curiosity!

3. Make an Obstacle Course

Make an Obstacle Course
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Creating a DIY obstacle course is a blast for kids and it’s easy to set up with items from around the house! You can lay out a pathway using homemade sidewalk chalk! Alternatively, turn your yard into an adventure land with a water obstacle course. Imagination is your only limit! Involve your kids when designing the course for extra fun!

Creative and Artistic Expression

Being inside all day at home is the perfect opportunity for kids to express their creativity and artistic sense! Here are some ideas!

4. Make Your Own Playdough

activities for kids at home
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I’ve discovered that making playdough at home will keep kids quiet for hours! All it takes is flour, salt, and oil, and a dash of cream of tartar for elasticity. Let your kiddos add a bit of food coloring for vibrant fun! They love to knead the warm dough into existence, allowing them to express their creativity during their playtime.

5. Handmade Paper Crafts

Handmade Paper Crafts
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I find making handmade paper with the kids to be a blast! For example, create a bottle airplane! All you need are some plastic bottles, glue, and colorful paper. Sometimes we turn old magazines into dazzling collages or use construction paper for homemade cards. Paper crafts are not only fun but also stir up kids’ creativity and fine motor skills!

6. Draw a Self-portrait

activities for kids at home
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Kids embrace their creativity when they draw self-portraits! I encourage them to pick their favorite materials, like crayons, markers, or even felt. The idea is to express themselves freely. There’s no right or wrong! Sometimes, I’ll lend them a mirror or ask them to feel their faces to help them think about what makes them unique.

7. Make Friendship Bracelets

Make Friendship Bracelets
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Do you need a creative activity that’s perfect for rainy days to keep the little ones entertained? I often recommend making friendship bracelets! It’s simple: grab some embroidery floss, snip strands about 24 inches long, and knot away! Find easy-to-follow patterns for cool braided designs and simple stitches that kids will love wearing and sharing with their friends!

8. Build Something with Lego

activities for kids at home
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I always encourage my kiddos to let their imaginations run wild with Lego bricks. Checking out 100+ Lego building projects can jumpstart ideas. Create everything from animals to spaceships, or invent something completely new! For the younger kids, find a set that offers bigger bricks for smaller hands.  Every colorful brick holds the potential for an epic indoor adventure!

Sensory Play and Science

Here are some relaxing activities that mix sensory play and science for kids to do at home! Play hard; learn harder!

9. Blow Some Bubbles

Blow Some Bubbles
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I love watching the joy on kids’ faces when they play with bubbles! It’s a simple yet magical activity where they can try different bubble games. From the classic blowing and popping to crafting their bubble wands, try them all! Making a homemade bubble mix adds an extra layer of fun! It turns an ordinary afternoon into an enchanting experience.

10. Make Homemade Slime

activities for kids at home
Make Homemade Slime

You can’t beat the simplicity of making slime with special glue, foam shaving cream, saline solution, and baking soda. Just a few ingredients create a playful and soft texture that’s a hit with kids. It’s a relaxing activity to do while stuck at home. Remember, always supervise and ensure safety during this gooey adventure! Don’t let them ingest the slime!

11. Do a Science Experiment

Do a Science Experiment
Do a Science Experiment

Show your kids that science can be as fun as it is educational! You can do it with experiments that make use of household items. I recommend creating a homemade lava lamp with simple ingredients like oil, water, food coloring, and Alka-Seltzer. Mixing a bottle of Coke with Mentos is also fun! It teaches kids about chemical reactions and rockets!

12. Make a Water Sensory Bag

activities for kids at home
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Crafting a water sensory bag is both simple and delightful. To start, fill a sturdy zip-lock bag with water, a drop of food coloring, and glitters or small fish toys for a splash of fun. You can also mix color sands! Seal it tightly and tape the edges for extra security! Hand it to the kids for some squishy play!

Indoor Fun and Cozy Activities

Even though you and your kiddos have to stay indoors all day, you all can still have some exciting adventures! Here are some cozy activities that your kids can do at home!

13. Do a Jigsaw Puzzle

Do a Jigsaw Puzzle
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Doing a jigsaw puzzle is both calming and rewarding! It’s a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. You can start by sorting the pieces into edges and colors. Let your kids help and organize their pieces. Secretly, this activity can enhance their problem-solving skills! Your kids will get that awesome feeling of accomplishment when they fit the final piece!

14. Have an Indoor Picnic

activities for kids at home
Have an Indoor Picnic

I love transforming my living room into a cozy picnic spot! You can do that by laying out a soft blanket and scatter cushions for comfort. Then, prepare a basket with snacks like sandwiches and fruit. You can also pick a fun theme! An indoor picnic is a fantastic way to enjoy family time with your kids without stepping outside.

15. Cook a Meal or Bake Some Cake or Cookies

Cook a Meal or Bake Some Cake or Cookies
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Involving your kids in the kitchen is a win-win! They learn a skill and you get to bond over delicious treats. If I’m aiming for something hearty, I might whip up a simple pasta dish with them. For a sweet touch, baking some muffins or a batch of cookies adds joy. You get to enjoy tasty food together after!

16. Build a Fort

activities for kids at home
Build a Fort

When I need to engage kids indoors, building a fort is always a hit! Grab some sheets and ropes or use cushions and blankets to construct a cozy hideout. The more sheets you have, the better. Sometimes I make it educational by teaching them about castles. It’s a fantastic way to turn a dull day into an adventurous one!

17. Play Board Games

activities for kids at home
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Board games are fantastic for bringing siblings to sit peacefully together and creating those warm moments of laughter. My family’s favorite board games range from classics like Monopoly to fast-paced and exciting options like Zingo. Also, throw in The Game of Life! These games are suitable for various ages, ensuring every family member can participate in the fun!

Physical and Active Play

Being stuck indoors is not a reason to be lazy all day! Here are some activities to keep your kids moving around while they are at home! Burn those unused energies!

18. Have a Dance Party

activities for kids at home
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The best way to shake off some energy is to throw a mini dance party right at home! I just crank up my kid’s favorite tunes and let loose! We often play dance games, like musical statues to keep things exciting. It’s such a simple way to have a blast with the kids and create childhood core memories. 

19. Do Balloon Juggling

activities for kids at home
Do Balloon Juggling

Balloon juggling is an entertaining way to have kids exercise inside the house. Blow up several balloons, ensuring there’s enough for each child to have two to three. We start simple; toss one balloon in the air and keep it afloat. For added fun, I challenge them to keep multiple balloons from touching the ground, giggles guaranteed! 

20. Play Hide-and-seek

activities for kids at home
Play Hide-and-seek

Hide-and-seek can be an endlessly entertaining and simple game for kids to play at home! It’s like a mini adventure every time. I usually count to ten while my little ones scamper off to find the perfect hiding spot. It’s a thrill to seek them out and the giggles are priceless. Do hide-and-seek variations to keep the excitement fresh!

Memory and Mind Game

Playing some mind games at home can stimulate your kids’ young brains! Here are some exciting yet educational activities that you can do together!

21. Have Fun to Play Memory Games

I find that Memory/Concentration games with picture cards are excellent for boosting recall abilities. Just shuffle and lay them face down to get started. Match pairs to win and watch as kids sharpen their focus. You can use this opportunity to hold a mini-memorization competition, too. The winner gets a treat! It’s entertaining and educational!

21. Do Crosswords

Have Fun to Play Memory Games
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Incorporating crossword puzzles into our kids’ daily routine is not just a distraction; it’s a brain-boosting activity. Creating a crossword puzzle with unusual funny-sounding words! It’s fascinating to watch as kids tackle challenges and learn new words. Make sure that you prepare some clever and entertaining hints! Next time, involve your kids when designing the crosswords with their favorite words!

22. Play Spot the Differences

activities for kids at home
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I always recommend Spot the Difference games for kids! With each picture, kids get the chance to train their attention to detail and observation skills. They can start with easy pictures perfect for younger children. Older ones can challenge themselves with images set that feature subtle differences. Each game is an adventure, encouraging quick thinking and concentration.

Final Thoughts

I’ve shared some unique activities for kids to do at home, and I hope you find them handy. Staying indoors can be an adventure, too! It’s all about mixing creativity with learning. Remember, kids thrive when they’re having fun! So, let’s keep sparking that imagination and watch as they grow and learn in the most enjoyable ways possible!

How can I engage my child at home?

Engage your child through interactive activities like arts and crafts, reading together, playing games, or involving them in cooking or building a Lego set!

Why do kids get bored so easily?

Kids get bored easily because of their natural curiosity and need for stimulation. They thrive on new experiences and challenges to accumulate new experiences so their attention span can be shorter!

How can I engage my child without toys?

Engage your child through imaginative play, storytelling, outdoor exploration, building forts, creating art with everyday materials, or engaging in simple DIY projects.

How do you calm a busy child?

Help your child calm down by encouraging deep breathing exercises, engaging in quiet activities like reading or drawing, providing a cozy and quiet space, or practicing sensory play together. 

How do you discipline a child without yelling or hitting?

Use positive reinforcement, establish clear and consistent rules, set consequences for misbehavior, communicate calmly, offer choices, and be a good role model!