Positive Self-Talk

Your Wise Self

Within each of us there is a wise self, an intuitive part of us that can inspire us, support us in solving problems, and can ignite our imagination for creative ideas. All of us have this ability! It is easier … Continue reading →

Positive Thought Bracelet

Create a positive thought bracelet with your child. You can string beads, dry hollow noodles, buttons, paperclips, paper rings…whatever you’ve got hanging around your house. Make it fun and engaging, choose beads or items to string together that are meaningful … Continue reading →

Your Greatest Treasure

Thoughts are Things The way we think has the power to determine how we feel and how we experience the world around us.  Have you heard the saying, “Thoughts are things?”  Teaching our kids how to observe and shift their … Continue reading →

Re-Write the “Monster Under the Bed” Story

The Monster Under Your Bed is Just a Story In Your Head by Lisa Wimberger Loving this new book by Lisa Wimberger, founder of the Neurosculpting Institute, (www.neurosculptinginstitute.com).  It’s perfect for introducing kids to neuroliteracy, the study of brain science … Continue reading →

KidsRelaxation on YouTube! The World Is Your Relaxation Playground

I’m excited to announce that Kids’ Relaxation has a new channel on YouTube! I am going to be sharing videos created from my work with kids and based on various blogs on different relaxation techniques for kids that I have … Continue reading →

It’s Spring–Plant A Positive Thought Garden!

During Spring, I get excited about gardening, especially planting flowers and giving the teak patio furniture a new shade every spring. As you venture out into the soil this year, I invite you to share with your child how thinking … Continue reading →

Mind Pirates First Step: FIND THEM!

I don’t know how to slow it down, my mind’s racing from chasing pirates. . . the silliest things flap around in my brain, impossible schemes swim around. –Nora Jones song, Chasing Pirates I can so identify with Nora Jones … Continue reading →

Happy Thought Bubbles

I just love it when ideas spontaneously produce themselves.  Just began one of my groups with this activity:  Happy Thought Bubbles. 1.  Discuss how a deep breath is a silent message to the body that it is “time to relax.” … Continue reading →

Glitter Jar

  I love the glitter jar!  The school counselor, Michele Bourgeois, LCSW, at my school uses this in her groups.  She also created the gorgeous example in the picture!!!  Use this jar to begin relaxation practice.  It is a wonderful … Continue reading →