KidsRelaxation on YouTube! The World Is Your Relaxation Playground

I’m excited to announce that Kids’ Relaxation has a new channel on YouTube!

I am going to be sharing videos created from my work with kids and based on various blogs on different relaxation techniques for kids that I have posted here over the years.  My vision is to turn many of these blog posts into video format so that parents, educators, caregivers and therapists can use these videos with the kids in their lives.   I hope you can use these videos in your work with kids, either as inspiration or as actual instructional videos.

We will be creating many more of these over time.  For now, here are four introductory videos that I recently filmed during my travels in Europe.  I hope the message that rings through is that relaxation is possible wherever we are.  I want kids to know that we can relax no matter the circumstance, location, thoughts or feelings we are presently having:  RELAXATION can be fun and engaging wherever we are!

Please see the links below and “follow” the Kids’ Relaxation YouTube channel.  In following, you will get notifications as we post more!

Rock:  Release tension and stress with Rocks and Floppy Socks relaxation tool.  Filmed on the ancient stones in Avebury, United Kingdom.

Elephant Hands Want a quick way to relax in the car with your kids?  This is a modification of the Ganesha Mudra, a yoga hand pose.  I created this variation hoping it would be a way to divert kids’ attention to tensing and relaxing their hands while taking deep breaths to relax.  It’s an easy tool to use wherever you are:  plane, train, car, classroom, playground, dinner table.  Filmed on the highway between Galway and Dublin Airport in Ireland.

Bubbles This tool provides a way to plant positive thoughts for your day, taking deep breaths to relax the body while blowing beautiful thought bubbles.  If one pops, then you get to carry that positive thought bubble with you ALL day long!  Filmed in a cabin in the Irish countryside near Westport.

Butterfly Inspired by yoga’s butterfly pose, this relaxation tool combines relaxation, deep breathing, imagination an visualization to calm children’s minds and bodies.  Filmed in the serenity and amazing beauty of the Chalice Well garden in Glastonbury, England.

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