Re-Write the “Monster Under the Bed” Story

The Monster Under Your Bed is Just a Story In Your Head by Lisa Wimberger

Loving this new book by Lisa Wimberger, founder of the Neurosculpting Institute, (  It’s perfect for introducing kids to neuroliteracy, the study of brain science and how it can be applied to create an empowering, self-regulated, and emotionally balanced life.

Embedded Brain Science Techniques To Store New Information With Ease

This book, while being an entertaining, fun story, is embedded with Neurosulpting® practices which help children to consciously create their stories and choose thoughts with awareness of the effects of those thoughts.

In the story, the brain’s Hippocampus is personified as a librarian, the Amydala is known as “Miss Amy” and the main character, peanut learns that she can choose to practice different thoughts, different stories other than the “monster under her bed story,” which she has practiced so long. 

Teach Emotional Awareness

This book can also be used to teach kids to identify and recognize when they are feeling the bodily sensations associated with fear.  In the story, these sensations are likened to wearing a coat too tight (difficulty breathing), putting on a tight hat (headache), and wearing a very tight necklace (difficulty swallowing).


It’s a story of empowerment!  Children can learn how they have a choice in what they think and what they practice thinking over and over again and how this is related to how they feel.  Just like the main character figures out:  choosing a memory of a hug from mom can counteract that monster story any day!


The book comes with a guide for parents and educators that includes a list of easy practices to help kids navigate the effects of complex emotions as well as some information about nutrition for stress regulation.


As a Neurosculpting® coach myself, I am a firm believer and know firsthand that the Neurosculpting process is super powerful for both kids and adults alike.  It provides a quick and extremely effective way for all of us to re-write the stories in our mind in a way that sticks, providing long-term shifts and allows us to be at choice for the way we feel and navigate the ups and downs of life.  For more info on this process, please visit

Ideas for Use

This book would be a great addition to any educator’s library for use in small groups or as a read aloud in school.  Also, to all the school psychologists or counselors out there, this would be a great discussion for small group emotional skills group instruction.  Also, it is a fantastic bedtime story, especially if your child has been working through fears before bed.

To get a copy of this book, click the link below:

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