Rainbow of Relaxation

Rainbow of Relaxation

All Tied Up in Knots:  Releasing the Worries

When our brains get all tied up in knots with worry, they can look like this rubber band ball.  In small group today we talked about how it’s sometimes impossible to think straight when there are all sorts of worries going on in our heads and tension in our bodies.  I showed the students this ball of worries.  Next, I explained how we were going to use our relaxation tools to unravel the ball of worries into a rainbow of relaxation.

We started with a deep breath.  In through the nose, counting to three, holding our breath to the count of five, and exhaling out through the mouth to a count of seven.  We repeated this three times.

I asked them to check in with their bodies to notice the tension level. 

I showed them the loose rubber bands, explaining that when we relax our minds and bodies, we unravel the tension to be relaxed and at ease, (hold up several colorful rubber bands to demonstrate).  Next, we began to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique https://www.thetappingsolution.com/ ).

Excellent Tapping Resource

We used a tapping sequence directly from this awesome book by Christine Wheeler:

(I think many of the activities in this book could be used with either girls or boys).  She refers to the rubber band ball and also has a visualization exercise that involves releasing the colored bands from the ball, each color representing a different worry.  Check it out!!

EFT Tapping Script

I modified one of the scripts in the book, to go like this:

Karate Chop:  Even though I have many worries, I accept myself and I am an awesome kid.

Karate Chop:  Even though I have many worries, I accept myself and I am an awesome kid.

Karate  Chop:  Even though I have many worries, I accept myself and I am an awesome kid.

Eyebrow:  All these worries.

Side of eye:  I worry lots.

Under eye:  All these worries.

Under nose:  All the worries I have.

Chin:  All these worries. 

Collarbone:  All the worries I have.

Under arms:  All these worries.

Top of head:  All these worries. 

When we finished five rounds of tapping, we all took two deep breaths together and released all of the tension and sealed in the release.

I Tap To Relax

I taught the group the following positive affirmation: I Tap To Relax. We chanted it together for a few minutes, making silly motions and dancing in our chairs.  They recorded the positive affirmation in their journals and I reminded them that the more they use their relaxation tools, the more they unravel their worries into a rainbow of relaxation.

Next, they wrote the affirmation in their journals next to the following visual aids.  These posters are available for download by clicking the link beside them.

Girl Tapping Points Poster

Boy Tapping Points Poster

A rainbow of relaxation can be achieved using any relaxation tools with consistency.  Here’s to a week of peaceful ease and blissful relaxation for you and your child!

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