Glitter Jar

Glitter Jar

I love the glitter jar!  The school counselor, Michele Bourgeois, LCSW, at my school uses this in her groups.  She also created the gorgeous example in the picture!!!  Use this jar to begin relaxation practice.  It is a wonderful way for kids to have a visual focus while deep breathing.  Help your child learn to use the jar while she is feeling calm, then in times of stress, using the jar will become more automatic. To make the jar visit

To use during relaxation practice:

1.  Find a comfortable position, sitting up or lying down.

2.  Place the jar in plain sight, on a table or on the floor in front of you.

3.  Practice taking a deep breath, allowing the stomach to expand on the inhale and collapse back down on the exhale.  Demonstrate and model for each other.

4.  Explain that you are going to shake the jar and make the glitter swirl around.  While the glitter is swirling, you are going to practice slow deep breaths.

5.  Shake the jar and practice breathing slow and deep, watching the glitter swirl and land.

6.  Repeat.


Mindful of Thoughts:  This glitter jar can also be used to be mindful of our thoughts.  As the glitter is swirling, ask your child to simply watch her thoughts and allow them to be.

Practice Positive Thoughts:  As the glitter swirls, practice thinking about the positive thought of the day.  For example, I feel calm and relaxed.  I am loved.  I am joyful.  I am safe.  Practice the thought of the day until the glitter stops swirling.

And, as always, HAVE FUN!!!

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