Your Wise Self

Your Wise Self

Within each of us there is a wise self, an intuitive part of us that can inspire us, support us in solving problems, and can ignite our imagination for creative ideas. All of us have this ability!

A Possible Symbol of Your Inner Wise Self

It is easier to access this part of ourself when we are still, quiet, focused and listening. That’s where relaxation tools, deep breathing, mindfulness, and other emotional regulation strategies come in handy.

Owls are symbols of wisdom and they are a great symbol for your child’s wise self. Perhaps you and your child would like to draw a picture of your wise self this week to discuss and share with each other?

Help your child to access this wise self. When I’m in the schools, I use my Hedwig the Owl puppet, which I found when visiting the Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London. Hedwig, (in case you aren’t in touch with the Harry Potter story), was Harry’s wise owl friend and messenger who delivered him all of his important mail from the Hogwarts School of Magic.

In this video I share an idea on how you can begin to support your child in listening to the wise self within to hear the wisdom and inspiring thoughts available to us when we slow down, tune within, and listen.

This is a skill that can support your child throughout his life! Learning to get quiet, to center the mind, and to listen can support us in so many life areas such as relationships with others, problem-solving, creative expression, stress management and emotional regulation.

Try this fun activity with your child and let me know how it goes!

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