Scratch and Sniff Deep Breathing

Scratch and Sniff Deep Breathing

Scratch and sniff stickers are a BIG hit in my relaxation classes.  They are colorful, come in a variety of “smells,” and are fun to stick as reminders to slow down and take a deep breath.  We also use them for mindfulness practice.  The stickers are a great tool to help children focus and pay attention in the moment, using the sense of smell.

So, as you guide each child to choose a sticker that appeals to them and try the following deep breathing practice:

1.  Begin by listening to your breath.  Noticing the in breath and the out breath.  Paying attention to how it feels as the air enters through your nose, fills your lungs, and exits through your mouth.

2.  Now mindfully take a breath in, allowing your stomach to expand.  Pause and count to three.  Release the breath through your mouth, allowing your stomach to collapse back down.  Pause.  Repeat three times.

3.  As you repeat taking slow, mindful breaths, allow your worries to slip away for the moment, knowing you can pick back up thinking where you left off when you are done.  Breathe and smell your sticker, concentrate on the smell and notice what thoughts come to mind as you breathe it.

4.  When you are ready, you can open your eyes.  This sticker can be your reminder today to pause, take 3 slow, deep breaths.  You can repeat it as often as you like throughout the day.


Here are a couple places to purchase, but check your local dollar store as well, (sometimes I get lucky and find them there!).

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