Stoplight Deep Breath!

Stoplight Deep Breath!

Relaxation Practice in the Car!

A perfect time to practice deep breathing during your day is to use

time in the car!

1.  Prime the mind to relax by focusing on the positive:

Invite your child to name 5 things they are grateful for while looking out the window.

2.  When you come to a stoplight, practice taking a Mr. Balloon Breath.

Allow the red light to signal

  • stopping, or pausing. Place your hand on your tummy.
  • Now, breathe
  • in slowly to the count of four, feeling your stomach inflate as you are
  • breathing in.
  • Breathe out to the count of five.
  • When the light changes,
  • you can go back to the “finding what I like in the world” game.
  • Use each stop light as a moment to pause and take a deep Mr. Balloon
  • Breath.

Transform time in the car so it’s time to relax and feel wonderful.

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