Supporting Your Intuitive Child

Supporting Your Intuitive Child

Most of us have established that first and foremost, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience and that we all, to some degree, have intuitive abilities.  As a child I experienced many psychic, telepathic, and intuitive encounters. The scariest encounter was never with non-physical energy, but more so with the physical beings who, for a lack of understanding, felt strongly that something could be wrong with me.  This not only left me in the vulnerable position of not feeling safe to share my experiences, it also left me without the support and key grounding tools needed to learn how to manage all of that extra energy that was always coming my way.

Children who are highly intuitive may share experiences of seeing unexplainable light, shadows, or objects. You may also notice that they have huge sensitivities to large crowds, certain environments, sensitivity to clothing, and certain foods. Having deep understanding toward the feelings and emotions of others will often cause these kids to feel a great sense of responsibility to hold on to these energies.  And, sometimes, due to the struggle of needing to stand in their most authentic and independent truth, many of these super creative, inventive, deep visionary “wise old soul types”, often become unfairly labeled as being “hard headed” or “strong-willed”.

Children who experience extreme sensitivities to certain energies, need support without being made to feel that those sensitivities are somewhat wrong or inappropriate.  Being able to actively listen to your child with a heart-centered awareness, is key to helping them understand their own beautiful uniqueness. This support alone invites your child to naturally learn how to center, ground and safely express themselves.  One of the main goals, should be to always consider these gifts as being just as natural as you see every other aspect of their personality, well-being and make-up.  I always share these 3 tips in supporting a child’s intuition in my parent workshops.

  1. Try a compassionate approach- Approaching the matter from a loving and heart-centered manner instead of allowing fear to lead invites your child to feel safe to share.
  1. Engage in conversation that invites your child to look within.  Reading books that have a deeper soul meaning are amazing conversation starters.  Some of my “look within” favorites are “The Run Away Bunny” by Margaret Wise Brown,  and “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein.  Most of Shel Silverstein’s work has a deeper message that my own spiritually and intuitively connected children were able to relate to and grow from.
  1. Introduce simple grounding techniques through play~ Blowing up balloons or blowing bubbles are great ways to introduce gradual breath control.  Jumping rope, hop scotch or safe trampoline activities are helpful in assisting the release of excess energy.  Even good ol’ play dough or playing in the sand box can help ground them back to their natural energies.

Our intuition is our soul language and is the most authentic of languages.  It’s what we know from the very beginning of our life journey and it serves as a directional compass to everything else we eventually become familiar with.  Attempting to modify this essential aspect of who we are, would be just as unnatural as expecting a tree to thrive and function without its roots.   So in the spirit of encouraging our amazing little intuitive’s to thrive, begin to nurture their intuition from a place of heart-centered compassion.

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