Love–The Greatest Relaxation Tool!

Love–The Greatest Relaxation Tool!

Feeling loved, feeling seen, feeling heard, and feeling cared are balms for the brain!   Brain science is reporting that the Prefrontal Cortex, the part of the brain responsible for higher order thinking and problem solving, is at its maximum capacity when we perceive that we are safe, cared for, all our needs are met and we are surrounded by predictability in our environments.  Want to boost your child’s brain potential and her capacity for relaxation?  Then build bonds of love.  Show love.  Tune in for love.  Listen with love.  Share loving acts.  Play lovingly.  Speak with love.  LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE.

When we perceive that we are loved and cared for, every single one of us, relaxes.  Our brains and our bodies work better.  Both children and adults alike can calm the body and the mind by being present in the moment and really tuning in to the world as it is right now.

So find ways to connect with your child mindfully each day.  What I mean by that is be present.  When you are interacting, pay attention and really tune in to your interaction, as much as you can.  Focus on your child.  Have an electronic break and really share your undivided attention with your child.  Her nervous system is asking for it.  And so is yours.

Here are a couple of wonderful resources to support you in genuinely tuning in with your child today.  Help your child’s nervous system, body, and mind relax by engaging in mindful moments with love.  It’s one of the greatest relaxation tools you could ever practice!!!

I Love You Rituals by Becky A Bailey, Ph.D.


This book has been on my shelf for years and has gotten so much use.  If I want a quick engaging game to meet, greet, and initiate conversation with a student, especially the younger ones, I pull this book off the shelf and am instantly prepared.  I also used to use this book before bedtime with my daughters, finding fun ways to infuse love into our bedtime routines.  It’s divided up into silly interactions such as greeting each of your child’s parts when she enters the door:  saying hello to her feet, her hands, her elbows, her pinky fingers, etc…  It also has soothing and relaxing games to play with your child.  All in all a wonderful way to connect and help your child to engage and develop a relationship that is so very fertile for more relaxation practice in time.

 You Are Loved by Cynthia James


This is a brand new release and a beautiful book to read with your child!  It sends the message of love and is so sweet for the heart.  Your inner child, as an adult, could be loved and nurtured through the reading of this too.  Read it to your partner, spouse and loved ones.  Read it to each other.  Another thing I absolutely love is that the author left blank pages in the back of the book where she suggests that you write a love letter to your inner child.  Or write a love letter to your child too, one she can someday read again, feeling the essence of your love even many moments later in life.

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