Preparing for Relaxation Practice

Preparing for Relaxation Practice

I’ve been re-reading the book, Point Zero- Creativity Without Limits, by Michele Cassou.  I love how she encourages the creation of art from connection, intuition, and the initiation of a feeling space.  As I am reading, I am thinking how all of the concepts she introduces directly relate to relaxation practice as well.  She talks about the Dragon of Meaning that can come and steal your creativity.  I believe that same Dragon of Meaning can also steal away our ability to let go of tension and relax, getting in the way of relaxation practice.  When our minds are doing lots of thinking, it is hard to get focused so that we can bring our attention to relaxation practice.  Here is a fun way to help your child transition from the busy world of thought to moments of relaxation practice.  Use it to get ready to relax.

Dragon of Meaning in the Cave

Here’s how to introduce the concept of the Dragon of Meaning to your child:

 The Dragon of Meaning is a dragon who has lots of questions. 

He always wants to know how, why, what, where, who and when. 

He also gets stuck on certain thoughts and has trouble letting them go.

He thinks about things that happened yesterday, last year, even an hour ago. 

He also worries about what will happen tomorrow, next year and in the future. 

He’s always judging things, saying that they are right or wrong. 

This dragon isn’t helpful when he is here in your mind and you want to practice relaxing.  

So, let’s take a moment and give him a treat in a cave so that you can focus on relaxing. 

Are you ready to give the dragon a treat?  What do you think he will like?  Close your eyes for a moment. 

See what your dragon likes and wants right now.  Can you see it?  Excellent!  Now imagine that you have that treat in your hand. 

Show it to the dragon and use it to lead him to the cave.   Are you in the cave with the dragon?  Good. 

Does the dragon look interested and excited?  Wonderful! 

Now give him the treat, and tell him to stay!

Notice as you give him the treat, he is very calm and happy, enjoying his play or food. 

See him enjoying the treat? Notice as you give him the treat, you begin to feel very calm. 

You feel really focused and it is easy for you to put your attention on what you want to pay attention to. 

Take a deep breath.  In through your nose.  Out through your mouth.   You are free of that dragon while you practice relaxation. 

Your body and mind feel calm and connected, ready to practice (insert name of relaxation activity).

Complete the relaxation activity now with your child.

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