Body Rock

Body Rock

Body rock involves gently rocking the body back and forth to calm the nervous system.  Have your child lie flat on the floor.  Use a yoga mat or lie on a soft carpet for increased comfort.  Don’t use a pillow to obstruct air flow or to place the neck in an unnatural position.  Play soft music, dim the lights and use aromatherapy to prepare the environment for relaxation.  Begin by inviting your child to take a couple of deep breaths. 

Tell your child to simply allow his body to melt into the floor and prepare him that you are going to gently rock his body back and forth to calm down his muscles and nerves.  Share with him that the more he can be like a rag doll and let go, allow his body to relax, the more powerful body rock will be.  Then gently begin to lightly rock his body back and forth, alternating sides. 

First give a gentle push on the left and respond with a gentle push on the right.  Use very gentle touch, as light as using one finger to move.  Apply a relaxed, gentle, steady rhythm.  Imagine that your hands are carrying on a very sweet relaxation conversation.  As one hand moves on one side, the other gently responds.  Allow the body weight to help carry the momentum of the rock back and forth.  Move slowly up and down the legs and then to the torso, gently pushing on each arm.  Allow the head to remain relaxed and lying on the floor.  

Be as gentle as possible, and increase in lightness of touch as you continue.  As time passes, you will notice the body begin to let go and relax more and more, as evidenced by its effortless motions.  Simply allow it to rock, back and forth, back and forth.  Check in with your child to make sure he is doing okay or to ask if he needs anything. 

Complete this for a couple minutes the first time and begin to increase the amount of time spent rocking as your child adjusts to it.  Place a blanket over your child for added security and warmth to support further relaxation.  He might fall asleep, this is a natural response.  If not, allow him to rest in silence for a few minutes when you are finished to allow him to integrate the experience and to become fully aware of the relaxed sensations.

At a later time, discuss with your child how his body felt before, during and after the body rock experience.

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