Parenting for a Peaceful Home

Parenting for a Peaceful Home

I am excited to share with you an exciting online parenting event!

Parenting for a Peaceful Home

This event brings together 20+ authors, teachers, healers, therapists, and parenting specialists (including me!) in holistic health, wealth consciousness, peaceful parenting techniques, creating healthy work/life balance, practical spirituality, and personal transformation to give you our very best tips on how to come back into alignment with what is authentic and true for you, the wise Momma that we know you are.

And it’s free!

If you’ve been struggling with thoughts and worries such as “Am I a good enough” mom, or feelings of being lost as a parent, this event will be such a source of inspiration and a wonderful deep breath for you.

There IS something you can do RIGHT NOW to start turning things around for you, your child, and your home and infuse yourself, your child and your home atmosphere with peace and love.

Sign up for my friend and colleague Christina Louise’s video series: “Parenting for a Peaceful Home” now.

Go here to sign up and join us:

“Parenting for a Peaceful Home”

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