Tension Guest

Tension is our Guest

Tension is our guest, we invite it. Relaxation is our nature; we don’t have to invite it.  You don’t have to relax, you have just to stop inviting tension, and relaxation begins on its own.  In your very core, in every fiber, in every cell of your being, relaxation percolates and assimilates.  –Osho

Considering all the banquets I’ve hosted for a multitude of tension guests, I am sitting with the idea that I can simply ask my internal thought secretary to stop issuing that endless stream of invitations. Acceptance, surrender, allowing, letting. . . all these reminders to BE! I pause and remember today. I set the table of my awareness. I throw the parties of my perception. I decide who gets invited! When I remember to sit at the table of rest, relaxation becomes my constant companion. And I realize that relaxation needs no invitation, just quietness of mind to appreciate its constant presence.

Share this concept with your children. Share with them the concept that relaxation is our natural state of being. It is our choice to tense up and resist things that are happening in our world. When we let go and simply pause in our natural state, we can feel peace.

Sometimes we have practiced a lot of stress/tension/over-activity.  But when we decide to pay attention to how we are when we quiet down and sit, we realize that we can be just simply relaxed.