Treehouse Relaxation Script

Treehouse Relaxation Script

This relaxation script is related to finding a peaceful place.  Activities that support children finding a peaceful place help them to feel safe and re-establish feelings of tranquility when they are experiencing challenging emotions.  Next time your child is experiencing stress, worry, tension or other unwanted emotion, read this relaxation script to help him to calm down. Happy Climbing!

Treehouse Relaxation Script

1.  Get your body comfortable and gently close your eyes.

2.  Slowly take three deep breaths, in through your nose and our through your mouth.

3.  Spend a moment or two, relaxing your feet and legs.  Letting go of any tightness and letting them become heavy and relaxed.  Imagine a wave of blue light traveling up from the earth into your feet and legs, relaxing everything it touches.

4.  Now relax your tummy, chest, and shoulders.  Imagine this wave of blue light sweeping through and relaxing this area for you.

5.  Pay attention to your arms and fingers, allow the blue light to move through.  Feel how relaxed you are.

6.  Finally bring the blue light to your head and allow it to flow out of the top of your head and into the air around you.  Beautifully done!

7. Imagine you are standing in front of a massive tree.  This tree has deep, deep roots and branches that reach out in every direction.

8.  This tree is home to your very own treehouse.  This is a treehouse of your own design.  Picture how you would like your treehouse to look.

9.  (Pause between each idea) You can add swings, windows, trapdoors, plants, animals, your favorite things, your favorite colors, just allow yourself to design the treehouse anyway you like.

10. Can you see it?  Good.  Now allow yourself to travel inside the treehouse. (Pause) Are you inside?  Good.

11.  Inside the treehouse, imagine anything that makes you feel good to think about.  Place pillows, waterfalls, plants, trees, birds, pictures of mountains, anything that you would like that you feel good when you think about it.  Go ahead and design the inside of your treehouse now.

12.  Know that when you go inside your treehouse you feel really really relaxed.  This is a place to let go of all your thoughts, all your worries.

13.  Take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel very peaceful and relaxed inside your treehouse.

14.  This is a place that you can go any time you would like to feel more peaceful and calm.  Know that your treehouse is available to you any time you would like.  You can visit here whenever you would like.

15.  Now take a deep breath and imagine yourself walking down out of your treehouse.  Gently bring your attention back to the room.

16.  Rub your hands together to make them warm.  Gently place them over your eyes.

17.  You can open your eyes whenever you are ready.

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