Thought Workout: Lifting Positive Thoughts to Feel Good

Thought Workout: Lifting Positive Thoughts to Feel Good

We can teach children to lift relaxing positive thoughts like we lift weights.   Relaxing positive thoughts carry much more weight and influence than negative thoughts.   Therefore, just like we work out physically, a little work out daily, goes a long way.  We know that repetition is a key ingredient in re-programming the mind for success.  Setting the intention to spend a little time each day in the Relaxation Gym will strengthen our minds and align them with what we desire to create and feel in our lives.  Attend the positive thought workout session with your child and strengthen your minds to feel good!

Activity:  Relaxing Thought Workout

Pause, take a deep breath and bring your attention into the moment.  Put your hand on your heart and point two fingers of your other hand to tap your head as you do repetitions of the following thoughts:

Three Reps:  “I love and accept myself right here right now.”  “I have a relaxed mind and body.”

Four Reps:  “I can do whatever I set my mind to.”  “I have a relaxed mind and body.”

Five Reps:  “I stay focused today.” “I have a relaxed mind and body.”

You are the personal trainer for your mind.  You design the perfect workout for you.  When you decide that you want to focus on feeling good and taking care of beautiful you, then these workouts will become effortless, natural and automatic, until that time, you might need to visit the Relaxation Gym several times daily to build strength and to train your brain to feel good. Create repetitions of any thoughts that are related to what you are working to create and/or feel at this point in time.

Variations on the Theme:  For children who are scared,  you can create repetitions such as “I ride the wave of fear all the way through until it is complete. ” or  “I take a deep breath when I feel scared.”

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