Drum Your Story

Drum Your Story

The power of drumming has been known for centuries as a method for expression as well as release.  So, get your drums out and open to the freedom of expression!

When I work with students in the schools, we sit in a circle and share one drum.  You can share, have your own drums, and explore using other types of percussion instruments.   The idea is to create a safe place for expression and sharing.  Simply allow yourself to open and express, making whatever comes forth okay!


  1. Take some deep breaths to get centered
  2. Play around with the drum a bit.  Try out different rhythms.  Play echo–where each person has to echo a rhythm that the other created.
  3. Practice drumming out the expression of emotions.  Try drumming sad, happy, joyful, peaceful, thankful, etc. . . .
  4. Then, tell your child that you are going to drum the story of your morning, or your day, or a specific experience that you would like to work with.  Drum out a rhythm that expresses how your day went.  Then ask your child to do the same.  Allow him/her to select the story that he/she would like to drum.

Variation:  Getting a Common Rhythm and Setting Intention

  1. Explain to your child what an intention is. Tell him/her that an intention is what you expect to happen and you use it to guide your planned actions.  Give an example:   it might be our intention in this moment to generate feelings of peace within ourselves.
  2. Get quiet for a moment and turn your attention inside to determine what your intention is for this drumming experience.
  3. Share the intentions you are each setting for the experience.
  4. Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to start drumming a rhythm. Allow your body to feel.  Tell the body that it is its turn to express.  Ask your mind to be quiet for a moment in order that you might hear what the body wants to say.  Keep going even if your mind is telling you that the sound isn’t “right,okay, or musical.”  If you keep with it, soon your bodies will begin to take over and your mind will get more quiet.
  5. Stay with the rhythm until you begin to feel peace inside, or if that doesn’t happen, just stay with it until you feel different than before, realizing that whatever happens is just what needs to happen in this moment.
  6. Discuss after your experience if you felt different before and after the drumming experience.  Also take note how you feel now about your intention, if you feel that you experienced it or not.
  7. Finally, check in with your heart to see what is there.  What sort of feelings or ideas are arriving in this moment?