Heart Broadcasting Station: Listen To Your Love Song and Send It Out For Others To Hear!

Heart Broadcasting Station: Listen To Your Love Song and Send It Out For Others To Hear!

When we remember to follow our hearts, we become more authentic, more joyful and sometimes spontaneously creative and energetic. Research from Heartmath, (www.heartmath.org), shows that our hearts are in fact a lot like a broadcast station.  When electrodes are placed on the body to measure heart rhythms, the electrical voltage measured is about 60 times greater than that of the brain, which translates to saying that the heart’s magnetic field is about 5,000 times greater than that of the brain.  The electromagnetic energy around the heart can be measured up to three feet away from the body!   The heart is one significant broadcasting system! This perhaps explains why we can feel or “sense” another person’s emotional state even without the assistance of body language.  Please visit Heartmath.org for more fascinating information on this.

Most of us are full speed ahead– thinking, moving and doing all day long.  Learning to take a step back, to tune into our heart, feel what is going on there and begin to broadcast those feelings to the world around you, is a beautiful training in generating healthy balance and equilibrium within the body, mind and spirit.

I like to introduce tuning into the heart like tuning into a radio station.  I ask kids to pretend that their heart is a radio station and we are going to check in to feel the energy that is in our hearts.  I explain that sometimes we can be broadcasting dark, dramatic music and sometimes we can be broadcasting bright, cheerful tunes.  It’s all up to us.  What’s more is that we can change the channel and broadcast a different song if we want to, just by changing our thinking.

1.  First, find a calm, peaceful setting to pause for a few moments.

2.  Close your eyes and tune into your heart.  Check in with what feelings are there.  Notice how it feels.  Notice if it feels relaxed or tense.  Place your entire attention on that area.

3.  Next, begin to breathe in and out while paying attention to the music of your heart.  Breathe in and out a few times while listening closely to the station within your heart.  What song is playing?  Is it a fun, lively song?  Maybe a mysterious song?  Maybe a rock song?  See how your heart feels and imagine what sort of song might be linked to that feeling.

4.  Now, imagine that you are changing the tune that is broadcasting from your heart to a tune of love, of joy.  Think of happy thoughts, things that you love, things that bring you joy, things that you LOVE to think about.  Keep thinking of those things while breathing in and out.

5.  Finally, turn up the volume.  Begin to broadcast this joyful tune of love to the space around you.  Imagine turning up the volume so that it is heard throughout your house.  Now imagine that your love song is being broadcast to the world around you.  Finally imagine that you are sending out your love song to the solar system, way out into outer space.  All that love!  That beautiful song!  Play it and send it out to.

6.  Check in with how your body feels now.  See if you notice a difference from when you started.  Maybe you feel more calm?  Maybe you feel more energized?  Maybe you feel more full of love?  Next time you are feeling down, stressed, or worried, tune into your heart and begin to broadcast your love song.  Notice how you are able to feel better.

You can tune your heart to your very own love song any time you want.  Practice doing it for small moments this week, just a few seconds at a time, pause, tune into your heart, check in with how it feels, and imagine that you are playing your love song by thinking of things or people or events that you love, and then send that love song out to the world around you.  Broadcast a heart love song this week!!

Ponder how each moment to feel your love song within your heart can be as plentiful as these grains of sand….. even the grains of sand can make a heart!

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