Relax and Listen to The Crickets

Relax and Listen to The Crickets

When I was a little girl, I lived on a farm.  And during the summer months, when it was still warm outside as I was going to bed, the old farmhouse windows would be open.  In the stillness of the evening, the only sound that filled the air was the sound of a choir of crickets.  I would gaze out at the horizon to the west, watching the sky turn pink, gold, lavender, and then dark and listened to the crickets sing.  I imagined them all out there in the grass talking to one another.  Sometimes, when the cicadas were out, it would sound like waves of chirping.  I was so fascinated by those waves!  I mean how were they all singing in such unison?  Who was their director?  It was so peaceful.

I still find such relaxation in listening to the crickets sing.  So, I put together this short mp4 of the crickets singing so that you might listen with your child and relax.  I like it because it is just two-minutes long, perfect time for the little ones to pause and just listen.  It’s great for practicing mindfulness.  Tune in to the sound.  See if you can pay attention to your body for just one minute while the crickets sing.  Or just relax and try to just allow the sound of the crickets to BE.  Try this out in nature sometime!

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