Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

We always hear “heart of gold” being used to describe someone’s loving and generous presence.  Today in my girls’ group, we talked about how to take care of our own hearts, which are our inner gold.  I explained to the fifth grade girls that what’s really really special about each one of us comes from deep inside and sometimes it is hidden, but it’s our true gold.  We talked about ways that we care for our hearts.  When we take care of our hearts, we take care of our greatest treasure.  And, what’s really cool is that when we connect with the gold inside, we unleash our rainbows, all our brilliant colors of our own gifts and expressions to the world around us.  Next, we talked about how our relaxation exercises and the mindfulness practices we practice in group help us to get in touch with the inner gold within our hearts so that we feel like sharing our colorful rainbow self with the world.

I gave each girl a paper gold circle and she wrote or drew on it her “inner gold,” (a quality of herself that comes from her heart such as loving, caring, kindness, gratitude, patience, courage, joyfulness, or wisdom), and also a representation or word about her “outer gold,” (an activity, talent, or skill) that is unique to her.  Each member of the group “high fived” the girl who was sharing who then went and taped her gold into the black paper pot on the wall.

Next, we practiced relaxation activities to get in touch with our inner gold so that we could share our rainbow colors with the world.

Rainbow of Love Meditation

Heart of Gold

Close your eyes.  Begin to breathe in and out while focusing on the center of your chest, your heart.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  (practice this for 30 seconds to a minute)  Next, imagine your own heart and all of the golden gratitude and things you have to be thankful for.  Imagine love broadcasting from your heart and out into the world around you.  Breathing in and breathing out, feel the love flowing in and out through your heart, as if your heart is a big beautiful sun, shining warm love in and out and all around you as you breathe.  Picture a rainbow of beautiful colors, containing all the wonderful gifts, talents and skills you bring to the world beginning to flow out into the world, getting bigger and bigger and bigger as you feel more and more love.  Allow yourself to feel the warmth and the colorful rainbow of your love flowing out.  Beautiful!  Now begin to focus back to your breath, bringing your attention to your toes and begin to wiggle them.  You can open your eyes when you are ready.  

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