Superman Cool Down!

Superman Cool Down!

Welcome guest blogger, Rigby Buckner!

It is my absolute delight to introduce to you a new guest blogger at Kids Relaxation!

Rigby is a graduate student enrolled in the University of Denver’s Child, Family, and School Psychology Program. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology with a concentration in Elementary Education from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. In her free time she enjoys taking road trips and practicing yoga. She is an advocate for social justice and a proponent of bringing mindfulness into our homes and schools.

She will be blogging here on everything kids relaxation as she is completing some practicum studies with me at my school this semester.  We are so blessed to have her.

Here first post is a wonderful meditation script called the Superman’s Cool Down Breaths!  Check it out below:

Superman’s Cool Down Breaths

An awesome technique that supports children turning down the heat on their emotions is to apply mindfulness to their breathing. Guide your child using this script to help provide him/her with a tool to slow busy emotions.

One of Superman’s super powers is ice breath. In order to breathe ice, Superman has to take in a great, deep breath, cool the air, and let it out through his mouth. When you take great, deep breaths and focus on them, you can cool your hot emotions. Saving the world is hard work, and sometimes Superman needs to relax.

Get ready to relax by finding a comfortable position. Go ahead and turn off your x-ray vision by letting your eyes close.  Start taking some deep breaths, in… and out through your mouth… Keep taking these deep breaths. Purse your lips as you breathe out icy air like Superman. Begin to pay close attention to your breaths. Notice how the air comes in through your nose, flows into your lungs, and fills your belly. As you breathe out, notice how the air empties your belly, empties your lungs, and blows out your mouth. Keep your focus on your icy breaths. Superman is a super genius, and he has mental powers to screen out all distractions. If you are distracted by any thoughts or noises, use your mental powers to notice them and come back to your ice breaths. Now, stretch your arms above your head, like you are flying through the sky. On your next out-breath, lower your arms back down. As you breathe in, raise your arms again, and you breathe out lower and relax them. Notice how relaxed you are feeling. If your mind starts to wander, remember to use your mental powers to return to your breath. On your next in-breath, use your super strength to clench your fists as tight as you can. As you breathe out, let go of your fists and relax your hands. Notice how relaxed your hands feel. On the next in breath, use your super strength to tense your arms. As you breathe out, relax your arms and your shoulders. On the next in breath, use your superman strength to tense your thighs. As you breathe out, relax them. When you relax your body, you relax your mind. Notice how relaxed your body is feeling. Continue to focus on your Superman breaths, and notice how still and calm your body is. (Pause). When you are ready, begin to wiggle your toes to wake your body back up.

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