Lion’s Breath

Lion’s Breath

Roar like a mighty lion and let go of strong emotions or unwanted thoughts.  With Lion’s Breath, you and your children have the opportunity to release energy that is getting in the way of your day.  Known as Simhasana in the yoga tradition, Lion’s pose is a fun, playful way to release and relax into more peaceful feelings.  Not only is the exhale giving the body an opportunity to release thoughts and feelings, but in addition the body is naturally releasing toxins that have accumulated within.   Here is a fun variation for Lion’s pose:

How To:

1.  Explain:  “We are going to do a breath called the Lion’s Breath in order to let go of feelings or thoughts that we no longer want.  This breath is a very powerful way to get those thoughts and feelings out from inside of us and to push them far away.

2.  Suggest:  “Imagine that you are a mighty lion.  You have a giant roar.  Sit cross-legged and sit up tall like a proud lion.  And get ready to let your roar go.”

3.  Model:  “I’m going to think of a feeling that I would like to let go, or a thought that I want to release.  Now I squeeze my hands in fists, holding tight that feeling or thought and scrunch up my face getting ready to roar.  I take a deep breath in and let my roar out,  sticking my tongue out at the same time and stretching my arms out wide in front of me, opening my hands wide.”

4.  Guide:  “Now it is your turn.  Sit up tall.  Think of the feeling or thought that you would like to roar out.  Scrunch that feeling or thought into your hands and pull them up tight in front of you.  Now scrunch up your face tight.  Take a deep breath in.  And. . . ROAR!!!!! it out, sticking your tongue out and letting your arms and hand stretch out wide in front of you.  Excellent!!!!  Let’s try it a few more times.  Really ROAR!! it out!!!!!

Ideas for Use:

  • Practice first thing in the morning to stimulate your day.  Wake up your body with Lion’s Breath.
  • Practice at the end of each day to let go of unwanted thoughts or feelings.
  • Use when strong feelings come up that want to be released.
  • Use any time you would like to stimulate the body energetically, activating a more alert state.

√  Promotes emotional regulation and releases tension, particularly in the face and chest regions.

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