Superhero Powers

Superhero Powers

Superheros are rocking our world this summer!  With Avengers making record financial history, everywhere you turn in shopping land, a superhero is ready to greet you. Last night I was the superhero of my own dream. Before I fell asleep, after a particularly exhausting parenting day, I thought to myself, I would really like a dream filled with messages and wonder. That is exactly what I experienced.  What a gift!  It was one of those really really REAL dreams in which I felt everything that was happening and woke up as if it really did happen. In the dream I was exploring an abandoned mining town. 

Officials were going to tear down an old antique store to construct a new sustainable energy plant on the site.  Legend had it that it was haunted.  Local residents were fearful that the construction would unleash the spirits in an unfavorable way and that the neighboring town would suffer as a result.  I was sent in as a consultant to get the story straight,  with the goal of putting the residents’ minds at ease, thus giving the green light to construction. The energy plant would support the local economy, so I was instructed by both sides to take care of the situation. I was to get in there, talk to the ghosts if there were any, help them to know that moving was a “good idea,”and return to report to everyone involved.

It was completely dark when I entered the building, filled to the gills with old antiques. As I walked in, I wasn’t scared. To the contrary, I felt extremely at-ease and peaceful, grounded in myself.  Soon after I entered, I realized that I had the power to fly.  Not only that, but I could control the light emanating from my hands (much like headlights). With breathing, I could fly higher and appeared to have more power and my light increased. My power was directly related to the quality of my breath and my internal focus within myself. The deeper the breath, the more energy and power I felt. The more I was paying attention to the present moment, the more power I felt. Any fearful thought, however, constricted my airflow and weakened my power. 

I learned quickly to navigate the rooms, flying higher over objects. When I wanted more light from my hands, I took a deeper breath and felt a deeper concentration and connection to myself. That amplified my glow. A ghost appeared in a doorway. She was a nineteenth century, pink hat and dress wearing, non-threatening sort of ghost, but startling nonetheless. I took a deep breath and flew right through her. I also internally communicated to her that everything was okay and that moving was in the plan. She nodded and disappeared. I was unstoppable once I realized the correlation between my power and my breath and mindfulness.

Afterwards, I quickly went to demonstrate my powers to others. There was a town meeting in which I showed them all that I had learned. I could hover just over the floor with light, steady breaths. I could fly through the sky and twirl around with deeper, steady breaths. Everyone began to practice within themselves. The construction project, although eminent, was no longer the focus. Then I woke up.

So, what did I take away from the dream? The realization that the more I practiced feeling the connection inside me, connection to my own internal power, the more energy and power I had to work with. I was/AM my very own power source through my connection with the breath!!!!

We can all harness our internal power through breath work and mindful connection to ourselves. We are the superheroes of our own lives. By paying attention to our inner awareness and authentically allowing whatever feelings arise to BE, we love ourselves into authentic acceptance. This practice creates true availability in our connections with others.

It was no accident that this dream happened after a challenging parenting day.  As I struggled to connect to myself, and thus, to connect with my daughters, I was seeking, grasping for my own internal power. I found it when I took a breath, paused, focused in the moment, and allowed my feelings to wash through me. I could fly right through my fearful ghosts when I got really present with me!

I encourage you to connect with your superhero power today and to practice with your child. In the next few posts, I will share many superhero relaxation techniques. Today, we’ll start with Batman. Although he doesn’t have superhero powers, per se, he was known in comic world as the “world’s greatest detective.”  The beginning of any relaxation practice begins with the foundational skill of being able to locate tension in the body, with growing the body awareness to notice when and where tension exists.  So, I have created this Batman Relaxation:  Detect Tension activity.  Have fun playing Batman with your child and relax at the same time!

Batman Relaxation

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