Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony

It contains wonderful projects related to the ancient Japanese art of tea ceremony.  Want a unique way to practice relaxation that captures your child’s attention and engages them in a beautiful natural relaxation method?  Try hosting a tea ceremony.  This book, while extremely educational and well laid-out, provides all the essential steps and ingredients you will need.  Making tea in Japan is an ancient art.  It is a ritual and the repetitive actions included in the preparation of the tea and the reverent nature of the preparation, naturally stimulate mindfulness and the relaxation response.  The book leads you on a journey that begins with creating the atmosphere for your tea ceremony.  Step by step instructions follow that guide you in the preparation and the actual ceremony itself.  The tea ceremony is a beautiful way to pull attention into the moment to practice quiet focus and gentle observation of the results.  What a beautiful relaxed practice!

If you would like to modify it for your own special tea ceremony, you can just read the book as an example of how other cultures do it.  Having some relaxing chamomile tea before bed supports restful sleep in some people.  My girls, when they were little, liked a little honey in their chamomile tea.  Create your own tea ritual!  Infuse it into your daily relaxation practice.  Have a special relaxation tea party where you have tea and practice relaxation techniques.  Get creative and have fun!  Tea is naturally relaxing and a wonderful way to spend a quiet moment or two with your child.  Add a deep breathing activity such as “I’m a Little Tea Pot” (http://wp.me/p2BJYZ-cC) and enjoy relaxing together!

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