The “Right Now” Show

The “Right Now” Show

Make your relaxation practice with your The “Right Now” Showids fun and entertaining by hosting a Right Now Show.  When I work with students in my office, we often pretend that we are meeting in front of a live audience.  This audience is participating in the Right Now Show.  My guest is always the student or student(s) that I am working with.  I introduce them as a doctor (insert first name) who has traveled from far far away to share the latest relaxation techniques on the show.  I also share with the audience that, Dr. Gabe for example, has been working very hard the past two years perfecting these relaxation techniques in his “Relaxation Lab.” 

He has discovered very special, cutting edge techniques that he will introduce to the world right here on our show.  You, the audience, will be the very first to experience his latest discovery.  He guarantees that it will work to help you relax.  I then do a brief interview, holding out a pretend (or real if you have one), microphone and ask the student about his current use of the relaxation techniques, why he found it necessary to research relaxation, etc.  This gets him thinking about why relaxation is important in his life or why it would be important in the lives of others and how he might be using the techniques in his own life.

At that point I have the student select from a bucket some of the relaxation techniques that we have been practicing the past few weeks.  He will then demonstrate and lead the audience in the practice and experience of that relaxation technique.  I, of course, ask questions to guide him along the way, such as “does it work better if I breathe in like this (I show a shallow breath with my shoulders to my ears) or like this (I show a balloon breath).  I will often make obvious “mistakes” to get the student to think about how he would help me do it the correct way.   Use your imagination to make it like a talk or news show.   Even pause for audience applause when necessary :).

Students love to be the guest doctors on the show.  For greater fun I bring in props such as a white lab coat and a doctors’ badge so that they can further get into the role.   Play some theme music at the beginning and end of the show.  Every week you could address a different genre of relaxation technique such as mindfulness, guided imagery, yoga, breathing, progressive relaxation, etc. . .  Get creative and have fun!  I always thank the student or child for taking the time out of their very busy schedule to travel to be a guest on my Right Now Show.  I invite them to wave to audience and tell the audience where they can get more information, for instance maybe by visiting the very special Dr.’s website  such as “Dr Gabe’s Relax Very Much All The Time dot com.”  We giggle and  he returns to class.

I invite you to play with your very own Right Now Show with your children as the special guest doctors.  Have fun with it–there are infinite possibilities to relax!!!!

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