Emotional Regulation: Becoming an Energy Master

Emotional Regulation: Becoming an Energy Master
Teach your children that they are masters of their own energy and that they have the power to adjust their own energy and to affect change in the energy of their environment. I used this activity as part of a fifth grade girls group.  They were amazed to see how it’s possible to affect change in the entire environment by checking in with and changing your own energy.  

I taught them the meaning of grounding and centering and pulling one’s energy back into themselves so that they could focus.  They described the initial energy as “hyper,” “excited,” “hungry”.  After grounding and centering, they described the room as “calm,”  “solid” and “quiet.”

Introduction: You are masters of your own energy.  Anytime you are feeling frazzled, disconnected, and pulled in many directions, take a minute to master your energy by going inside and pulling your energy back to you.  Then center and ground your energy.  If everyone in the room participates, you can change the energy in the room very quickly.

1. Close your eyes. Put your attention inside your body and see what sort of energy you feel there.  Just check in and see what sort of feelings you find there.
2. Discuss
3. Close your eyes.  Feel your dinosaur tail.  It is heavy and thick and it anchors you into your seat.
4. Discuss how the tail felt.
5. Close your eyes.  Plant your feet into the floor.  Imagine roots growing out of the center of your feet, going deep, deep down into the floor and the earth beneath.
6. Discuss how your feet feel now that you have planted them.
7. Close your eyes and check in with the energy in the room, feel your body and then put your attention on the energy in the room around you. 

Take note of any changes from when you started. Be sure to remind the child how powerful and awesome it is to be a master of your own energy. . .

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