In-Flight Breathing Relaxation Activity

In-Flight Breathing Relaxation Activity

Summer vacation is upon us!  As a parent, have you ever been caught off guard and experienced a non-relaxed state with your child at 33,000 feet?  Flying provides the perfect opportunity to practice the art of relaxation and prepare our minds and bodies for the trip ahead or returning home.  Here are some in-flight relaxation ideas to get your relaxing groove on.  Calm mind = peaceful heart.  Pack this thought in your suitcase and you are poised for a wonderful journey.  So, reconnect with your inner child, play along and start your trip off on a fun, positive note!

Tummy Dancing:  Start your relaxation practice off with some tummy dancing, a.k.a. diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Step One:  Place your hand on your tummy.
  • Step Two:  Take a slow, deep breath in to the count of 3, fill your lungs with air and feel your tummy push your hand out.
  • Step Three:  Slowly let the breath out, watching your hand go back in as the air goes out and your tummy collapses back down.
  • Step Four:  Repeat at least 1 to 3 times.
  • Variation:  if you are able to recline in your seat, place a sticker or a stuffed animal or toy on your tummy and give it a ride with your deep, slow, rhythmic breathing.

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