This morning in our small group yoga time at school, we practiced relaxation skills using a spinner visual aid.  This visual aid helped students to stay focused on what we were learning and was a great tool to bring attention back to the present moment when it was wandering!

Here are the materials you will need to make your own “Wheel of Relaxation:”


Doubled sided tape, two paper or styrofoam plates, scissors, permanent markers, brag, and printed out list of relaxation technique options and title page (click on links below for printable).

I made two different wheels:  one for relaxation tools and one for deep breathing activities.  What I love about these visual aids is that you can continually make new ones to include the skills you are teaching and practicing.  And, the sky’s the limit to the type of wheels you can create, (consider wheels of guided imagery scripts, wheels of progressive relaxation techniques, wheels of yoga poses, wheels of mindfulness activities, wheels of relaxation for bedtime, wheels for relaxing in the car…)!!!!


For this “Wheel of Relaxation,” I added the following relaxation techniques.  I’m including a link underneath to the corresponding blogs on this site that explain the instructions for each technique:

I do the ladybug pose and breathe in and out

Deep Sensory + Yoga = Calm Student

I do ocean breathing

Ocean Breathing–One Minute Relaxer

I close my eyes and think of my special place

New Secret Garden Special Place Relaxation Mp4 Download!!

I use the breathing ball and breathe in and out

Balloon Breath With Magic Expanding Ball

I blow a bubble and place my worries inside

Worry Bubbles

I breathe in peace and breathe out stressful thoughts

In Breath/Out Breath

I put my hands on my heart and think of someone I love

Heart Breath


The other “Wheel of Relaxation” that we used in small group this morning was the “I Take a Deep Breath” wheel.



The deep breathing techniques included in this wheel are as follows:

Heart Breath

Lion’s Breath

Rocket Breath

Square Breath

Teapot Breath

Flower and Candle Breath

Steam Engine Breath

The instructions for teaching each of these breaths can be found by searching on this blog.  If you would like to download a template to create your own wheels, please click on the links below:

Relaxation Wheel Content

Wheel of Relaxation Title Page-1

I Take A Deep Breath Wheel Content

I Take A Deep Breath Wheel Title Page-1

Create these wheels of relaxation alongside your child!  And remember…have FUN relaxing.  Wishing you many peaceful moments.

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