7 Apps To Help Kids Relax

7 Apps To Help Kids Relax

My iPhone and iPad have become instant hits with my kids.  They love to play games on them.  They are great for when I’m out at a restaurant or waiting at the airport and they need something quick to stay occupied.  In spite of the battery run down and the fact that I rush to get text messages that end up being reminders to “feed the horse before it dies,”  it has been a great portable tool to keep busy.

Parents also need to relax and have a time for their own, you will find incredible games for adults.

The other day we were riding in the car and my older daughter was stressing about her homework.  I was wishing that I had a relaxing application on the iPhone to help her relax.  So, I started researching and here are some ideas that I found:

1. Take a Chill

7 Apps To Help Kids Relax

This app is great for tweens and teens.  It sends gentle reminders to practice mindfulness and affirmations periodically throughout the day.  It provides a way to track your mindfulness practice and has small activities built directly into the app.  Great introduction to mindfulness practice!

2. My First Yoga

7 Apps To Help Kids Relax

I use this app almost every day during a sensory break with one of my students at school.  The poses are cute, simple, and provide easy, step by step directions to follow.  Do just one or all of them, it is easy to choose.  I love the peacock pose.  The fun animals join us every day in my office.  The stretches are relaxing and provide an excellent opportunity to focus in the moment.

3. iZen Garden

7 Apps To Help Kids Relax

Just like the sand trays with little rakes that allow you to calmly draw beautiful lines in the sand, this app is perfect to promote a moment of calm.  Using your fingers instead of a rake, you can draw lines in the sand while listening to cheerful chimes.

4. Gratitude Journal

7 Apps To Help Kids Relax

The Institute of Heartmath, shares extensive research on the relationship between thinking thoughts of appreciation and feeling relaxed and at ease.  What better way to practice with your child than to keep a gratitude journal.  Try out this adorable app that reminds you and your child to think of 5 things you are grateful for each day.

5. Arabian Nights by Relax Kids

7 Apps To Help Kids Relax

Just out in March by Relax Kids, this Arabian Nights app is delightful.  Soothing voice, calming journeys, you can travel to exotic places in your imagination.  Topics include belly dancing, snake charmers and magic carpets, your children are sure to be engaged and practicing relaxation right along with this app.  Enjoy!

6. Silent Island Relaxation Lite

7 Apps To Help Kids Relax

Listen to the peaceful sounds of a bubbling brook, rushing waves, rain, or birds.  Bonuses include videos of floating ice and a slideshow of the islands.  It is perfect for those much needed mini moments of relaxation.  This version is free, but a full version can be purchased to forego the ads.

For the iPad only:

7. Enchanted Meditation

7 Apps To Help Kids Relax

This app has brief meditations for kids and also includes a tree pose activity.  Christiane Kerr’s voice is pleasant and soothing, easy to listen to.  I especially love the jellyfish meditation.  What fun to flop like a jellyfish!

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