Calling All Superheroes!

Calling All Superheroes!

It is always so fun to go out to mailbox and find a gift inside.  This time it was sent from an author in the UK who just featured a Kids Relaxation blog post in her new book!

Kids Relaxation is both honored and excited to be featured in a new book from the UK just released on Amazon!  It’s included in a chapter entitled, “Where’s My Cape?” Creating a Super Learning Environment.  In 2013, (note: the book lists the publication date as 2003 in error), I posted on Spiderman Mindfulness and Increasing Focus.  It continues to be THE most popular blog post on this site. 

Book Contents

This book has tons of ideas and research on how Superhero play is a critical part of early learning and development in childhood.  This book is overflowing with ideas for educators, parents and caregivers to enhance understanding of the nuances of child development, questions for self reflection, as well as specific guidelines for putting the material into practice.  Some hot topics addressed within this volume of resources and ideas include the following, (from the introduction):

  • Helping kids realize everyday heroes and the heroic abilities within themselves
  • How adults can engage and support creative superhero play environments
  • How to address difficult themes such as killing, death, weapons, and aggression with kids
  • Using superhero play to support the development of moral awareness
  • Support and stimulate creativity and imaginative/fantasy play for kids
  • Rules/Norms to keep superhero play safe for everyone
  • Guidelines for adults to curb the tendency to micro-manage

Fun, Engaging Activities

Check out a copy of this book to get some new ideas for your home relaxation practice and/or classroom or therapy sessions.  From Ghostbuster Slime to Super Secret Bat Writing… you won’t be at a loss for ideas!

The Author

Written by Tamsin Grimmer, an experienced consultant and trainer and a director of Linden Learning and lecturer in early years at Bath Spa University, this book has been created with a deep consideration for the stages of child development and what is needed to support early childhood teachers, practitioners, and parents in becoming the most inspiring, dynamic, reflective and passionate learners within themselves, transferring this support to the children in their care.

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