Relaxation Practice Log

Relaxation Practice Log

Rehearsal is key to mastery.  The more we practice something, the more it becomes an integral part of life.  If you and your child have the goal of feeling more relaxed and calm, then practice is your key to adopting relaxation practice and feelings as automatic response patterns in life.  With our busy schedules, it is often challenging to add anything more, especially when the practice may or may not be out of the comfort zone.  If your and your child’s life has been on running on high, then slowing down might not feel so comfortable when you first get started.  Practice is your key. 

One way to begin integrating the daily practice of relaxation techniques into your life, is to make a Relaxation Practice Log.  This log can serve as your checklist to make sure that daily attention and focus are directed at your goal of feeling more relaxed.  It can also serve as a record and cause for celebration after a week of practiced relaxation activities.   I have included a downloadable pdf here to get you started.  It contains activities from this site, but feel free to create your own log, including your favorite relaxation techniques.  Happy relaxation practice!!!!!

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