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32 Adorable Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for Kids to Try This Fall!

Fall is just right around the corner, and it can only mean one thing: Thanksgiving! Soon enough, you will be busy preparing that delicious roasted turkey. As parents, not only will you have to deal with the feast preparation, but there’s also another aspect that deserves your attention! You need to prepare some adorable Thanksgiving outfit ideas for kids!

Thanksgiving provides the perfect opportunity to dress your little ones in the most charming and cozy fall ensembles. Since you’re going to be busy preparing for pumpkin pie and a turkey feast, we’ve got you covered with 33 absolutely irresistible Thanksgiving outfit ideas for kids. You can pick one of our ideas hassle-free and implement it to make the day more special!

So, get ready to “gobble” up some inspiration! Let’s make this Thanksgiving a memorable one for your kids with these stylish and festive outfit ideas!

1. Gobble Gobble Onesie

Gobble Gobble Onesie
Gobble Gobble Onesie

For the tiniest members of your family, consider dressing them in an adorable turkey-themed onesie! Your toddler will love them because these onesies are incredibly comfortable and super cute. The turkey pattern will also add a delightful touch of Thanksgiving charm. You can also pick a onesie in autumn colors, like red, orange, yellow, or brown!

2. Plaid Dress with Tights

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Plaid Dress with Tights

If you have a young lady in the family, she can look charming and elegant in a plaid dress paired with cozy tights. The plaid pattern is very appropriate for Thanksgiving, and the tights will be ideal for shielding her in the cold autumn evening breeze. This classic outfit combines comfort with a classic, timeless style, making it perfect for Thanksgiving gatherings!

3. Sweater Vest and Button-Up Shirt

Sweater Vest and Button-Up Shirt
Sweater Vest and Button-Up Shirt

Here is a classic Thanksgiving outfit idea your boy should try! To keep your young gentlemen looking sharp and warm, a sweater vest layered over a button-up shirt is an excellent choice. This outfit oozes a sense of class and is ideal for a more formal Thanksgiving dinner! We recommend a brown sweater or one with Thanksgiving patterns over a lighter shirt.

4. Corduroy Overalls

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Corduroy Overalls

For your kids who love to move about, we suggest corduroy overalls! Dress is not an option because they’ll crumple up the look in no time. But overalls can withstand your kid’ energy! They’re a practical choice for active younger kids who want to be comfortable and stylish! You can also let your kid wear a turtleneck for extra comfiness and warmth.

5. Fall-Themed Graphic Tee

Fall-Themed Graphic Tee
Fall-Themed Graphic Tee

A casual Thanksgiving dinner may call for a casual outfit! And there’s nothing more casual than a tee! Choosing a t-shirt adorned with autumn motifs or Thanksgiving messages is a versatile choice. This outfit offers various playful options for your boys and girls. These tees capture the spirit of the season. You can pair it with various bottoms for a cozy yet festive look.

6. Velvet Dress

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Velvet Dress

Elevate your little girl’s Thanksgiving outfit with a luxurious velvet dress! For accessories, you can complete it with a matching hair bow. Velvet adds a touch of elegance to her holiday attire, making her feel like a holiday princess! It’s a good outfit if you need to take her, even on formal occasions.

7. Knitted Cardigan

Knitted Cardigan
Knitted Cardigan

To keep your kids toasty and stylish on Thanksgiving day, consider a knitted cardigan. These cozy layers can be easily added or removed, depending on the temperature. Nowadays, you can find a cardigan with a Thanksgiving theme quite easily. Get one in a color that matches the special day, the autumn brown or lighter gray.

8. Cable-Knit Pullover Sweater

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Cable-Knit Pullover Sweater

Your boys and girls can stay cozy and look sharper in a cable-knit sweater. For younger ones, the buttonless pullovers will be convenient to put on and off! This classic outfit will add warmth and exude a timeless, homely charm.  It’s definitely one of the comfiest Thanksgiving outfit ideas kids should try!

9. Turkey Leggings

Turkey Leggings
Turkey Leggings

Your little princess will find this outfit idea super fun! For your fancy little ones, turkey-themed leggings are a quirky and festive choice! You can get them the full length that covers their legs, up to their thighs, for an extra snuggly feel. The leggings add a playful touch to the outfit and keep kids comfortable throughout the Thanksgiving feast!

10. Blazer and Chinos

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Blazer and Chinos

Boys can achieve a smart look with a blazer and chinos combo. This ensemble will make your little prince look more charming. In case you need to attend more formal Thanksgiving gatherings or family photos, this outfit set is definitely a choice that you cannot pass! Go with a cream, comfy cotton chino and brown blazer with a white shirt. Add a tie for a cuter look!

11. Satin Dress with Pearls

Satin Dress with Pearls
Satin Dress with Pearls

For a touch of brilliance, consider dressing your little princess in a satin dress complimented with pearly accessories. This fancy dress choice is perfect if you need to add a splash of sophistication to your kids’ Thanksgiving attire. When you attend a formal gathering, try this idea out! Also, add accessories like turkey hair clips or ribbons in Thanksgiving-appropriate color on your kids’ hair!

12. Tutu Skirt and Fancy Top

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Tutu Skirt and Fancy Top

In more Puritan families, Thanksgiving is a more solemn celebration. However, adding a sparkle once in a while would not hurt! Moreover, every little girl loves a bit of sparkle, so a tutu skirt with a sparkly top combination is a fantastic choice. This outfit adds glamour to the Thanksgiving feast, allowing her to shine brightly among relatives!

13. Bowtie and Suspenders

Bowtie and Suspenders
Bowtie and Suspenders

Your boys can add elegance to their Thanksgiving outfit with a bowtie and suspenders set! These accessories not only look cute but also make the little gentlemen feel dressed up for this lovely day. Bowties with a turkey-themed pattern will be nice! We also recommend a light blue shirt and denim to make the suspender stand out.

14. Ruffled Blouse and Skirt

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Source: Pinterest (@SHEIN)

Thanksgiving is the best time of the year for your little ones to mingle with other children. And with this outfit idea, you can make your girl stand out among her friends! Your daughter can twirl and twinkle in a ruffled blouse and skirt ensemble! A maroon top and dark skirt will be a good combo. In any case, this outfit is both comfortable and adorable. It definitely will make your kid feel like a little princess!

15. Velvet Jacket

Velvet Jacket
Velvet Jacket

Here is how you dress up your boys on a cold Thanksgiving day! Your little one can make a statement with a velvet jacket. It’ll be a trendy addition to their Thanksgiving attire. This choice adds an element of luxury to their look and is suitable for more formal family gatherings. We highly recommend that you add accessories like a deep red bow tie!

16. Sequin Dress

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Sequin Dress

For a holiday sparkle, opt for a sequin dress for your little girl! This outfit is perfect for girls who want to shine during the Thanksgiving festivities. They will become the center of attention during the feast. Because Thanksgiving is a good chance to meet grandpas, grandmas, and other relatives, this lively dress idea will stand out, making your daughter more memorable.

17. Cute Bow Headband

Cute Bow Headband
Cute Bow Headband

For the youngest members of the family, a vest paired with a bow headband is a sweet and comfortable alternative! These outfits are perfect for your babies. It’ll keep infants cozy and stylish as they join the Thanksgiving celebration. For the pattern, a deep red headband and plaid vest will be a good choice. Of course, you can also be playful with turkey-themed ones!

18. Cropped Sweater and Midi Skirt

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Cropped Sweater and Midi Skirt

Your older girls may want to appear more trendy and chic. In that case, we recommend a cropped sweater and midi skirt! This fashionable ensemble is a fantastic choice for Thanksgiving gatherings, allowing them to show their feminine and cute side in a tasteful way! A light-colored sweater and darker brown skirts will create a contrast appropriate for Thanksgiving.

19. Tweed Jacket and Dress Pants

Tweed Jacket and Dress Pants
Tweed Jacket and Dress Pants

Now, depending on the weather, a blazer may not be warm enough for your boy! So, we suggest that you dress your boys in a tweed jacket paired with dress pants. This ensemble is suitable for more formal Thanksgiving celebrations. Yet it’s comfy and adds a touch of refinement to your little princes! The tweed jacked-in gingham plaid or plain brown will be nice!

20. Plaid Flannel Shirt and Jeans

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Plaid Flannel Shirt and Jeans

Create a relaxed and comfy look for both your boys and girls with a flannel shirt and jeans combination! If your family usually do casual Thanksgiving gathering, this outfit idea will be a good idea! This ensemble will allow kids to stay trendy and comfortable while devouring their favorite Thanksgiving snacks!

21. Fair Isle Sweater

Fair Isle Sweater
Fair Isle Sweater

To keep your kids warm and cozy, consider a sweater in the classic Fair Isle style! These sweaters provide extra protection against the autumn chill. It will also add a touch of tradition to the Thanksgiving outfit! We recommend that you get them in light blue, gray, or brown shades and combine them with cream pants!

22. Pinafore Dress

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Pinafore Dress

For your girls, a pinafore dress offers both cuteness and comfort, making it the ideal outfit for a Thanksgiving gathering.  Little girls love to be active in such gatherings, and this dress is perfect for that! It’ll allow them to look adorable and enable them to move around with ease. Pinafore dresses come in various lovely patterns appropriate for Thanksgiving! 

23. Fleece-Lined Leggings

Fleece-Lined Leggings
Source: Pinterest (@Walmart)

To stay warm on chilly Thanksgiving mornings, consider dressing up your little girls with fleece-lined leggings. These leggings provide extra insulation, and it feels snug. They are also highly trendy, ideal for your daughters who are starting to be conscious of their fashion choices. Get them some leggings with ring patterns or Thanksgiving-themed ones!

24. Denim Jacket

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Denim Jacket

For boys who are always active, this is one of the best Thanksgiving outfit ideas for kids! A denim jacket is a versatile and stylish outer layer for ideal for casual gatherings. It adds a touch of coolness to any ensemble! Your kids will look fashionable and relaxed during the celebration!

25. Graphic Hoodie

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Source: Pinterest (@Printerval UK)

Now, this idea is applicable to both boys and girls. For a casual and laid-back vibe, opt for a graphic hoodie! This outfit choice is perfect to make your kids feel relaxed while enjoying Thanksgiving with family and friends. Make sure to choose the design that reflects Thanksgiving and fall!

26. Knitted Beanies

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Knitted Beanies

Keep heads warm and stylish with knitted beanies! These accessories add a cozy touch to any Thanksgiving outfit, ensuring that your kids stay comfortable in style. They are very cute and comes in various style!

27. Plaid Skirt and Knee-High Socks

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Plaid Skirt and Knee-High Socks

Here is another charming and classic look your girls can wear: a combination of a plaid skirt with knee-high socks! This timeless ensemble will conjure up nostalgia for the Thanksgiving celebration. Make sure that the whole family wears matching plain-patterned outfits for traditional holiday gatherings.

28. Turkey Costume

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Source: Pinterest (@primary)

We’re going to go in a different direction here! Let kids become the star of the feast as adorable little turkeys. These costumes are perfect for adding a playful and whimsical touch to the Thanksgiving celebration. If you are celebrating with friends and family casually, this costume is adorable! It’ll turn your kids into the center of attention at the celebration.

29. Fall Fairy

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Fall Fairy

For your adorable daughter, here is our recommendation! Create whimsical fall fairy costumes with leaves and gauzy fabric. These imaginative outfits allow kids to embrace the enchanting spirit of the season. It’ll make them feel like magical forest creatures during the Thanksgiving festivities.

30. Pumpkin Costume

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Pumpkin Costume

Embrace the spirit of the fall with pumpkin-themed costumes! It’s not just a Halloween thing but also adorable for Thanksgiving. Kids will bring smiles on Thanksgiving with the iconic costume. It’ll add a fun and festive element to the holiday.

31. Harvest Princess

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Harvest Princess

Girls can become harvest princesses with flowing dresses and floral crowns! This ensemble adds adorableness to the Thanksgiving celebration. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is associated with a bountiful harvest, and this outfit will remind family and friends about the essence of the holiday!

32. Harvest Farmer

thanksgiving outfit ideas kids
Harvest Farmer

Boys can dress as little harvest farmers with denim overalls and straw hats. This charming choice reflects the agricultural theme of Thanksgiving. It’ll allow boys to embody the spirit of farming during the celebration.

Final Thoughts

Our recommendation of Thanksgiving outfit ideas for kids caters to various styles, preferences, and age groups. Pick one of them, depending on your Thanksgiving celebration style. We certainly do not recommend that you pick an offensive costume choice, like a Native American theme or Pilgrim. They’re culturally insensitive in today’s age!

Our list has been carefully curated so you can pick an idea that is tasteful, playful, and stylish. It’ll allow your kids to celebrate the festivities comfortably and turn them into adorable centers of attention. Whether you opt for classic, dressy, casual, or themed outfits, your little ones are sure to shine on Thanksgiving Day.

Let’s create cherished Thanksgiving memories that will last a lifetime!

Questions and Answers

What should my baby wear for their first Thanksgiving?

Consider a soft and comfortable onesie! You can also go with a romper with Thanksgiving-themed prints or colors. Don’t forget a cute bib to catch any potential messes during the feast!

Where can I find affordable Thanksgiving outfits for kids?

You can check out local thrift stores, discount retailers, or online marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy for a wide range of affordable choices.

What are some trendy Thanksgiving outfit ideas for tweens and teenagers?

For older kids, trendy Thanksgiving outfit ideas might include cozy oversized sweaters, stylish boots, and accessories like scarves or hats. You can also look for autumn-inspired colors and patterns like plaid or deep earth tones.

Are there any DIY Thanksgiving outfit ideas I can make at home?

Absolutely! You can get creative and crafty by making your own Thanksgiving-themed outfits. Try decorating plain t-shirts with fabric paint or markers, or sew simple dresses or vests in fall colors. Pinterest is a great resource for DIY Thanksgiving outfit inspiration.

How can I ensure my child’s Thanksgiving outfit is comfortable for all-day wear?

Comfort is key for kids, especially on Thanksgiving when there’s much eating and playing involved. Choose outfits made from soft, breathable fabrics and consider adjustable waistbands or stretchy materials. Ensure shoes are comfy and broken in to avoid blisters or discomfort during the festivities.