kids relaxation

Balancing Stones

When my daughters and I traveled to the Northern coast of Scotland last summer, we visited the enchanting village of Findhorn.  Findhorn is an Ecovillage that became famous in the 1970’s when founders, Eileen and Peter Caddy with Dorothy McClean, parked their RV in the dunes and began to transform piles of sand into thriving …

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Slow Like a Sloth

This week in small group we are studying SLOTHS!   Until we slow down in the moment, and during life in general, relaxation practice isn’t effective or even very possible.  Slowing down in the first step in the relaxation response, it is a signal to our Central Nervous System that we are going to calm …

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Take an Indoor Plant Bath

This past weekend, as I was busy staying indoors, I suddenly had the desire to be surrounded by plants. Not just any plants but the ones inside my house that I love, and with whom I have a standing long-term relationship. I gathered them all together and created a plant sanctuary, a plant bath quiet …

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