The Peacock Breath

The Peacock Breath

Peacock breath helps kids to slow down their breathing and return to calm and center.  I use peacock feathers as a visual aid while teaching this deep breath.  You can order peacock feathers very inexpensively off of amazon, (simply click the image below and it will take you to the link where I purchased mine). .

1. First, give each child a peacock feather of their own to hold.

2. Hold the feather in front and exhale completely, seeing how long you can blow the peacock feather.  Watch the feather move with your out-breath.

3. Breathe in slowly to the count of four.

4. Hold your breath and count to two.

5. Now breathe out and see how long you can push the air out of your lungs, how long can you make the peacock feather move?

6. Repeat several times.  Discuss with your child how it feels.  Notice any differences in the body.  Notice if you feel more relaxed or if tension is released.

Every time you begin to feel tense, you can get a peacock feather and make it “dance” with your out-breath.

Add peacock feathers to your quiet station at home or in your classroom.  Make them a choice on a relaxation menu.

Have fun relaxing!!

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