create calm corner

Your Own Virtual Calm Corner

Since many kids, parents and educators are working and learning from home this school year, I decided to begin to create virtual classrooms where we can all calm down together. On this blog I will be sharing some of the relaxation rooms that I am creating in my work as a school psychologist.

I hope that you will visit each room and explore the activities and links included. Some rooms, such as the debut cool calm cave included here, include the activity posted right on the page. Other relaxation rooms will have clickable links within them that you can check out with your child.

As a fun collaborative activity with your child, I would invite you to explore the possibilities of creating your own virtual relaxation rooms. You could do this on a device such as a computer or tablet, but you could also just use plain old paper and crayons to design your rooms. (If you decide to create using a device, there are many instructional videos available on YouTube to help get you started).

It can be a wonderful conversation starter to talk about what sorts of things make a space relaxing for each of you. Maybe you like pillows and your child imagines lying down in the grass. Perhaps your child likes to use a breathing ball and you like to practice the heart breath. Find out what sort of relaxation practices he or she would like to try in the room.

Cool Calm Cave

Here’s the first virtual calm corner I have created: The Cool Calm Cave. Check it out with your child. Open the room and read the following guided imagery paragraph out loud using a soft, gentle voice or you can click on the image below and listen to a recording of me reading the script.

Wishing you many moments of quiet, peaceful connection time with your child.