When I feel a strong emotion such as anger it can feel like a rock in my mind.  My mind will try to let it go, but the harder I try, the more it seems that the angry thoughts are “rock” solid.  The other day I came across this technique and have tried it with some students.  They seem to like it very much.

It’s quick.  It’s simple.  You can do it anywhere.  When you try it out for the first time, make sure it is a time when your child is feeling cool, calm and collected.  That is the best time for learning.   DSC_0044

First, squeeze your hands into tight fists, as you are squeezing, squeeze all of your anger/strong emotion into your “rocks.”  Squeeze! Squeeze! Squeeze!  Next, relax your body into floppy socks, letting go completely of the tension you just felt.  Pretend you are floppy, floppy socks, just letting your body go noodle-like and letting go.  Rest in the floppy sock position.  (You can encourage your child to bend over at the waist and flop forward or to just allow the hands to become very floppy).  Repeat as much as necessary to return to a state of calm.  Next time your child feels a strong emotion, just say the words “rocks and socks” and begin to practice.

For deeper understanding, ask questions such as:  “What does your body feel like when you make the rocks?”  “Can you squeeze all of your anger into the rocks?”  “What does a floppy sock look like?”  “What would your body look like if it was like a floppy sock?”


  1. Thank you so much for the education and exercises you provide! I am a child therapist working with traumatized children and I am always hungry for new activities and ways of teaching parents how to help their children regulate!

    • Thank you, Christy. Yes! I can identify with the beautiful search for engaging activities to keep things fun and yet initiate a response toward healing. So glad you found these resources useful!! Zemirah

  2. thank-you


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