Becoming the Little Engine That Could: VRVRoom To Accomplishment

Becoming the Little Engine That Could: VRVRoom To Accomplishment

This week I will be reading the classic, The Little Engine That Could, with the children in my groups at school.  In this classic edition retold by Watty Piper, the author states, “She was a happy little train for she had such a jolly load to carry.  Her cars were filled full of good things for boys and girls.”

The little blue engine chugs up the mountain, pulling the little train and all the toys and goodies to the children on the other side of the mountain, chanting “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,”  all along the way.  The thoughts propelled this little engine to meet her goals, to accomplish something that she hadn’t done before and wasn’t sure she could do.  We can become little blue engines this week.  I will ask the children to tell me one thing that they would like to accomplish this week.

Then I will instruct them to VRVRoooom their way up the mountain to accomplishment.

Here is the formula for VRVRooom:

Visualize:  See yourself doing the thing you want to accomplish.  For example, if it is falling asleep on time with ease and grace, then see yourself calmly getting into bed, closing your eyes, filling your thoughts with peaceful thoughts, and falling asleep.

Rehearse:  Practice this picture once in the morning, whenever you remember to throughout the day, and then once when you get home from school.  Practice, practice, practice.  This will train your brain for success.

Vocalize:  As you are doing the thing you want to accomplish, become the little blue engine and say to yourself over and over again, “I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can . . . . (fall asleep easily and feel relaxed).

Realize:  Add to your picture and your thoughts anything that you might need to reach your accomplishment.  If it is falling asleep easily and feeling calm at bedtime, think about what you might need to do or to prepare in order to make that happen.  Maybe a new bedtime routine would help.  Read a sweet, calm book.  Put a lavender smell under your pillow.  Listen to some calming music.  Notice how you are feeling when you are practicing the picture and the thoughts.  Pay attention to any changes.  Soon you will VRVRooom forward and your accomplishment will be reached.

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