Peaceful Doggie Relaxation

Peaceful Doggie Relaxation

I learn so much from my dog.  She is always showing me how to just BE in the moment and to LOVE each and every day.  Any time someone in the house is feeling down or upset, she is the first on the scene to provide a loving empathetic wag of the tail or lick of the hand.  She’s so constant!  So attentive to loving. I’ve always tried preserving these memories, which is why I got myself on the internet to search for the best camera for pet photography, and got one. Dogs make such wonderful therapeutic pets.  Just being around many of them initiates feelings of peace and wellbeing.

So, given that, here’s a doggie relaxation exercise that you can practice today.

Doggie Shake

1.  Do a body check and notice where all of the tension is currently showing up in the body.

2.  Glue your feet to the floor.

3.  Imagine that you are going to shake like a wet dog.  As you shake, all the tension is going to leave your body.

4.    Shake the legs first.  Shake, shake, shake. Follow with the arms, hands, and then whole body.  Keep your feet firmly in place while you shake and bounce out your tension.  Think about a dog shaking off water, as you shake, imagine little droplets of stress flying away from you as you shake back and forth. The dog training is an important part to discipline your dog.

5.  Repeat several times.  Then lie down like a resting dog and focus on melting into the floor.  Pay attention to your body and see if there is any tingling left over from all the shaking.  Sometimes your body could feel as if it was buzzing with light energy.  Relax and let all of your cares melt away.  Think about a doggie that you know that is able to lie on the floor and totally relax, legs fall to the sides, arms are floppy.  Enjoy being like a peaceful doggie!

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