Superhero Powers: Spider-Man Relaxation

Superhero Powers: Spider-Man Relaxation

Continuing in the spirit of this summer’s movies, here is a Spider-Man relaxation activity to practice mindful sense awareness with your child.

The world is a beautiful noisy, sensational place, filled to overflowing with sensorial input.  As I sit here writing, I am aware of the furry dog at my feet, the smell of the roses from my garden and the distant noise of cars driving down the highway.  It’s a wonder I can even type at all!  I guarantee that my brain is working hard in this moment to filter out all of the incoming stimuli in order to be able to compose this simple sentence.  However, if we don’t give our minds and bodies a break from all this filtering, we can become tense, distracted and experience feelings of overwhelm.  One way to un-tense and focus is through mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness is defined as focused awareness.  The goal is not relaxation, per se, however relaxation is often a by-product of mindfulness practice.  The goal is focused awareness in the present moment.   Because we take in the world around us through our sense, sense perception is a perfect place to start when practicing mindfulness.  In mindfulness practice we pause our daily automatic pilot living to observe without judgement.  It helps us and our children to let go and un-tense the body and mind.  We are able to pull our focus away from noisy thoughts for just a omen to simply BE with what IS.

In the movie when Peter Parker is transformed into Spider-Man, he begins to experience ultra sensory perception.  When we are mindfully focused on our senses, our attention is in the present moment and tuned into what we are experiencing.  Through these Spider-Man mindful sensing activities, you and your child can activate the super power of your senses and bring your focus into the present moment, enjoying the full experience of your senses at the same time.  Remind your child that he can activate these senses and practice mindfully whenever he wants to calm down and focus for a moment.

Materials Needed:  Bell, Flower, Small Food Item (such as a berry, piece of cereal, or raisin).

Have fun activating your Spider-Man Super Senses!!!!

Spider-Man Relaxation

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